kozume kenma | one day

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kozume kenma | one day
x gender neutral
(WARNING! mentions suicide, depression, anxiety)

"One day I woke up to realise, that I can't touch yesterday so why was I letting it touch me?"

You were an outcast that apparently nobody wanted, except Kozume Kenma. He may not socialise and be the bravest person but he wanted you, all of you. He wouldn't admit it until the time was right but he loved you and had a blast being your boyfriend.

"Kenma..." You hummed, toying with tips of his dyed blonde tresses. The boy looked up from console and stared into your (e/c) eyes. "Are what people say about be true?" You asked bashfully, Kenma placed his console down and wrapped his slender arms around your stomach and pulled you into a loving embrace.

"No, of course not." He told you, kissing the side of your head gently as you sighed into the crook of his neck.

"Really?" You mumbled, anxiety flowing through your veins at the thought of him lying to you.

"They don't understand you, I do and I think your amazing." Kenma says, his golden cat-like eyes boring into yours.

Kenma knew about your habit but you stopped for him after he found out, you were a cutter and severely depressed. He didn't care though, he didn't stay with you out of pity that you'd do something rash because he dumped you but because he loved you so much that he honestly just wanted you to be happy.

"Thank you..." You stammered, running your fingers through his soft pudding hair. He purred like a cat and settled you both down on his bed, his embrace caging you in and protecting you from the harsh reality that was taunting you.

"I love you Kenma..." You told him, kissing his lips fully and he returned the kiss willingly, it was soft and sweet yet full of unspoken understanding and emotions.

"I love you too, (f/n)..." Kenma whispered into your hair as you both dozed off into a light slumber...


"I'm sorry, Kenma!" You cried, dragging the blade against the pale skin of your wrist. "I love you!" You howled, watching the red liquid run down the cracks of your skin before dripping onto the tiles below.

Kenma was on the other side of the bathroom door, banging it and coaxing you to open the locked door but you couldn't let him see you like this. You just couldn't...

"Please, (f/n)." He whined, tears on the brink of breaking, you sniffled and looked at your razor. "Dying isn't the answer, I know everything may seem hard now but please! Open the door and let me comfort you, I don't want to lose you! You may think life would be easier without you but I wouldn't be able to live without you beside me each day!" He told you sternly, it was unusual for Kenma to raise his voice but now was the time.

You threw the blade away and cried into your hands, the volleyball player couldn't stand hearing you cry and him not being able to do anything about it.

"K-Kenma..." You stammered, walking towards the door and unlocking it before you were tackled into a bone crushing hug by the male, he held onto you like you were his life force when really it was the other way around.

"I'm so sorry!" He just held you as you cried on his shoulder, soon releasing you so he could clean up your cuts, you could only cry and apologise to him, you needed help and was thankful that he would do that for you.

"(F/n)," Kenma looked into your eyes with his feline ones. "never ever try that again! I am taking you to people who can help you because I care about you!" He said, hugging you again before pulling away.

"Kozume Kenma, I am so sorry and I love you!" You said, fresh tears pouring down your face as he kissed away your hurt, he kissed you like you were air and he couldn't breathe.

He may have been an introvert but he would do anything for you, he wanted you to be happy and for you to understand and know how much he loved you and that the past couldn't hurt her if she left it behind and began her new life and future with Kozume Kenma...

If any of you ever feel like this please don't hesitate to talk to me since I know and understand how it feels, it's alright to ask and reach out for help. Nobody has the right to judge you. Please don't ever think that suicide and self inflicted wounds are the way to go because even though you think no one cares there are people who do, you just have to listen and you'll hear those angelic saviours. I care, I may not know you but I know that people go through this everyday and from personal experience, I never want another person to go through it all alone so please see someone or me, I'll be there.
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