oikawa tooru | plushies

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oikawa tooru | plushies
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A lot of people had obsessions of collecting things and you were one of those people. You adored plushies of any animal, colour and size but not a lot of people knew that; Oikawa being one of those people. You were quite cold to people but once with a plushie; you'd instantly change into a sweet loving girl. It was a wonder to all how you and Oikawa ended up dating.

"(F/n)-chan!" Your boyfriend called as you started to leave school. You turned around and saw the captain running full speed ahead towards you with Iwazumi right behind him, shouting profanities at the tall boy. "Wait for me!"

"What is it, Oikawa-kun?" You asked, hands on your hips as stopped just in front of you with Iwazumi playing beside him.

"Call me Tooru! We are dating after all!" The setter said and you rolled your eyes, he always seemed to forget that if his fan girls found out about your relationship with him, you'd end up dead.

"I'd rather not." You said bluntly which made him sulk and grasp your arm playfully. "What did you need?" You sighed, pulling your boyfriend off you. Iwazumi soon slapped the boy in the back of the head.

"Ah, that wasn't needed, Hajime-kun." You told the setter, that made Oikawa even more upset.

"Wah! You call Iwa-chan by his first name but not me!" He whined and you rolled your eyes again.

"I just stopped you from being beaten to death." You scolded him and he hung his head low. "What did you want? I've asked 3 times now, answer." You were so cold but that was only your defence mechanism and the boys both knew that.

"Can I come over ple-ase?! I need help with studying!" Oikawa asked and you nodded before walking away leaving the boys stunned by your quick response but after a short good bye, Oikawa finally caught up with you.

"That was rude." He puffed, entwining your fingers with his as you both walked.

"Gomen." You breathed out, leaning into him slightly as pink hues dusted your cheeks.

"I've never been to your house before!" Oikawa said excitedly and you shyly smiled. "You've been to mine plenty of times, how unfair." You scoffed at this, standing in front of your home and going to open the door with your key.

"My parents are working late tonight so we have the place to ourselves." You told him, placing your outside shoes just beside the door and slipping your inside shoes on before beckoning him to follow you to your room.

"It's cozy." Oikawa smiled warmly, wrapping an arm around your waist as you entered your room. He stopped and stared at all the plushed animals that surrounded your room; so girly!

"What?" You asked, sitting down on your bed and he soon sat beside you.

"I never knew you liked plushies!" He chuckled, kissing your head before mumbling about how cute you were making you blush pink. "They are so cute just like you! There's so many too!" You hugged an elephant plushie to your blushing face but he pried it off.

"I knew you had a girly side to you, (f/n)." Oikawa said, kissing your jaw lightly before attacking your mouth with a heated kiss. Studying went right out of the window.

You were kissing passionately before he got off you and looked at your room strangely. "What is it?" You asked, propping yourself on your elbows before he nervously looked around and bit his lip.

"I can't do it." He said, rubbing his neck anxiously.

"Can't do what?" You asked confused as you kissed his neck sweetly making him shiver.

"I can't make out with you with all these plushies watching me!"

"You're an idiot."

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