oikawa tooru | teaching serves

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oikawa tooru | teaching serves
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You were on the Aoba-Johsai Girls Volleyball Team and the one thing you absolutely hated and were terrible at was serves, you had a practice game soon and you weren't going to let your team down by your dreaded serves.

You went down to the boys gym after their practice and noticed only Oikawa was there–practicing serves on his own–now was your chance. "Oikawa-kun!"

He looked up and instantly smiled at you making you go pink as you stumbled over towards him.

"Can I help you, (f/n)-chan?" He asked and you nodded, looking at your feet awkwardly.

"Urm, I have a game soon and I was wondering if you'd help me with my serves, since they're terrible." you blurted out and he nodded with a smile.

"Anything for you, (f/n)-chan!" He chorused bringing you over to the back line of the court with a ball in hand.

"I'll teach you the basics first and we will work our way up~" you nodded, still red in the face as you got your arms in position and hit the ball with all the force you could muster but it still landed in the net!

"Try going higher, maybe less power too." he told you and you nodded, hitting the ball again and it sailed over the net perfectly!

"Yes!" You fist pumped the air and Oikawa chuckles.

" You're so cute~" he says making you stop and blush again and drop the ball you were holding.

"Excuse me?" You ask an he smiles at you again.

"Be my girlfriend, (f/n)-chan." He says and you look at him gob smacked. You did always have a crush on him and got flustered whenever he came near and now it's finally your chance~

"Okay~" you say and he lands a brief peck on your lips. "Great, let's get back to serving!"

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