aoba-johsai special | lets go to the beach

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aoba-johsai special | lets go to the beach
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"(F/n)-chan!" You heard a voice yell out to you, you turned away from a classmate you were talking to and said your goodbyes before heading towards the waving setter. "Oikawa-san, can I help you?" You asked, fiddling with your books as you were slightly intimated by the good looking boy and Iwazumi beside him.

"Ah yeah! Would you come to the beach with us this weekend?" You looked up at him strangely before nodding. "Shouldn't be a problem, I'll just check with my parents."

"Great!" Oikawa clapped you on the back with a smile. "Just text me and-"

"We will pick you up at 10 on Saturday." Iwazumi cut him off, dragging the boy away. You just shrugged and went to your class.


"Ah! The beach!" You squealed, your feet on the hot sand as the team unloaded behind you. Just you and a team of boys,  what could go wrong?

You were laying under the umbrella whilst watching the boys play in the sand and water, it was so relaxing.
"(F/n)-san." You heard a voice beside you and you jumped. "Ah! Gomen, Iwazumi-san." You nodded your head as though you'd offended him but he waved his hands in dismissal.

"Can you put the sunblock on me please? I don't want Assikawa doing it cause he'll end up doing something else." You nodded happily and grabbed the tube of sunblock and squirted it on your palm before he pulled his shirt off.

Mmm girl, heaven was on earth.

His godly body was radiating and luckily you had sunglasses because your eyes couldn't stop gawking at him. He sat in front of you with his back turned to you and you made a licking gesture behind him, he didn't notice. Mm, damn boy! Whatcha doin to my reader?

You placed your hands on his tanned back and you felt him shiver at your cold touch, rubbing sun screen from his neck to the base of his board shorts. You rubbed it on his shoulders with you hands travelling down to his barra arms. You stopped to calm yourself before finishing up and letting him stand up and apply it to his chest, your nose was bleeding by now.

"Thanks." He said before running towards the water with Kunimi and Kindachi. Matsukawa and Hanamaki went to get drinks and ice cream whilst Watari and Yahaba were lounging beside you and Kyotani was standing at the waters edge glaring at the ocean. Who knows where Oikawa went?

There was a gentle sea breeze and you felt like going into the ocean, so you took off your shorts and tank top to reveal a (colour) two piece bikini that accented you well. You pulled your hair into a ponytail and shoved your sunglasses into your beach bag before applying sunblock, can never be to sun safe.

Watari and Yahaba were staring at you but you were to occupied apply sunscreen, their eyes bulging out. Who knew you hid such a fine body underneath all those clothes?

You ran off into the surf, tapping Kyotani on the shoulder as you passed and into the water. Waving at him as his cheeks turned red. Kindachi nudged Kunimi as your back them and you waved to Kyotani. Coincidentally, their eyes travelled lower to you fine assets, that bikini did well.

"Is something wrong?" Iwazumi asked, ruffling his wet hair before the first years nodded your way and soon his cheeks turned red too.

"You guys sunburnt? Already?" You asked, waddling waist deep into the water. They shook their heads and tried to look somewhere else before you felt cold hands wrap around your waist and hold you up. "Stop!" You squealed, kicking you legs out before they dumped you into water.

You came up for air; coughing. The sea water stung your eyes and made you vision blurry so you tried to hold onto something, namely Oikawa. "O-Oikawa-kun?" You coughed out the water as he laughed, earning a slap to the arm from the ace.

"Gomen, gomen." The setter apologised, grabbing your hands and holding them close to his face, you were so close. Your eyes looked down for a moment and you saw his toned chest and abs. Well, that's what happens when you go to the beach with athletes. "(F/n)-chan looks very cute in her swimwear~" you blushed at this and pushed away from him.

"Arigatō." You said before diving under a huge wave which took out the 4 unsuspecting victims. You came up to watch their flailing limbs as the waves crushed them. By now, the whole team was in the water and laughing at the 4 boys who nearly drowned. Well, being at the beach with these boys was certainly an adventure.

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