Gravity (Tsukishima Kei x OC) by once_upon_a_weeb
Gravity (Tsukishima Kei x OC)by Reign
"I thought that the gravity of the moon is 1.87m/s^2. But why is it so that I feel attracted to Tsukishima Kei?" Kuroo Aino is the female version of her broth...
  • kei
  • volleyball
  • tsukishima
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Invisible  •Tsukishima x Reader• by smolshortcake
Invisible •Tsukishima x Reader•by shortcake ♡
(Name) Shimizu has always been in her sister, the manager of the Karasuno Volleyball Club's shadow. When (Name) decides to put her self out there and join her sister's c...
  • xreader
  • tsukishimakei
  • animexreader
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Violet Eyes || Haikyuu!! Fanfiction || by yourtypicalgirl_12
Violet Eyes || Haikyuu!! Fanfictio...by yourtypicalgirl_12
"I want to go to Karasuno, in Miyagi" From Tokyo to Miyagi. From a prestigious all-girls school to a common high school. The reason why she transferred? Volle...
  • anime
  • tsukishima
  • daichi
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Tsukishima Kei X Reader by NeverNoticingSenpai
Tsukishima Kei X Readerby NeverNoticingSenpai
ONGOING Nobody is as nearly unpleasant as Tsukishima Kei, except maybe [L/N] [F/N]. Having those two in the same room might end up as a catastrophe. Maybe apocalypse is...
  • romance
  • humor
  • reader
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Haikyuu Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lemon_Girl55
Haikyuu Lemons *Requests Closed*by Lemon_Girl55
WARNING!! 18+ ONLY!!!! Read at any age but be careful! I also don't own Haikyuu!
  • kenma
  • kageyama
  • aobajohsai
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Haikyu!! Lemons/one-shots/smut!! by Reis_little_cupcake
Haikyu!! Lemons/one-shots/smut!!by Sarah Renfro
read at your own risk the title says it all.
  • anime
  • asahi
  • dachi
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Daring || Kei Tsukishima x Reader (Haikyuu!! Fanfiction) by hopskaese
Daring || Kei Tsukishima x Reader...by oremi
[Kei Tsukishima x Reader] Due to a compelling dare her best friend had suggested, (first name) (last name) took all her courage to complete it. Actually it all should've...
  • tsukishimakei
  • kei
  • haikyuu
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The Queen's Knight (Haikyuu!) by faith_cruzniegos
The Queen's Knight (Haikyuu!)by egg
"I didn't get accepted in Shiratorizawa," he said sullenly, sulking in the corner of the room as a dark aura surrounded him. "How about you?" "...
  • tsukishima
  • bokuto
  • karasuno
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Haikyuu X Reader ; One Shots by SugaCube11
Haikyuu X Reader ; One Shotsby 오드리
Haikyuu X Reader ; One Shots I do take requests, so feel free to message me your ideas. Includes - Fluffs, AU's, Crossovers, and anything requested.
  • nishinoya
  • wattys2018
  • kageyama
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Hatsukoi (Tsukishima x Reader) by Rainbend
Hatsukoi (Tsukishima x Reader)by Rainbend
(Name) is Ukai Keishin's younger sister, the coach of Karasuno's Boys' Volleyball Team. Just like her brother and the Karasuno boys, (name) eats, breathers and lives off...
  • kei
  • humor
  • haikyuu
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{Share of Misfortune} Haikyuu!! x Male OC by RyuShinawa
{Share of Misfortune} Haikyuu!! x...by RyuShinawa
Ryu Shinawa moves to Karasuno because of unforeseen circumstances. What happens when he meets the Karasuno volleyball team on accident? Volleyball happens~ Ryu joins the...
  • maleoc
  • maleinsert
  • fanfiction
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Haikyuu!! One-shots (Various X Reader) by ryugazakii
Haikyuu!! One-shots (Various X Rea...by Mel // Marah
A small collection of one-shots for all the Haikyuu characters you know and love. WARNING - SLOW UPDATES, Wattpad isn't the only thing I do. © Cover By @Bry_Anime © Haik...
  • oikawa
  • seijoh
  • kageyama
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Magnet *Haikyuu × Male!OC by Cl0udMusic
Magnet *Haikyuu × Male!OCby ♣Cloud Victorique Ahksen♣
Damn. When was I turned into a freaking magnet? Last time I checked, I am human. That was like, just three seconds ago!
  • wattys2018
  • reader
  • haikyuufanfiction
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Dreaming ↣ Various Haikyuu by Elzrow
Dreaming ↣ Various Haikyuuby -ˏˋ 💙 ˊˎ-
「Various!Haikyuu x reader」 After wishing for a long time, you finally came to the Haikyuu world. You're meeting one character after another, falling in love with them. W...
  • haikyuu
  • haikyuufanfic
  • romance
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drown in your hands ; haikyuu x reader by shadowstint
drown in your hands ; haikyuu x re...by satriani
❝cause there's still too long to the weekend, too long till i drown in your hands, too long since i've been a fool...❞ _ disclaimer: ▶ i do not own haikyuu!! nor the rea...
  • kuroo
  • hq
  • angst
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Thirteenth {{Haikyuu!! X OC}} by Soulless_panda
Thirteenth {{Haikyuu!! X OC}}by Pandi
■■COMPLETED■■ "She didn't need anyone, yet she was drowning in the words she didn't speak." -Anonymous The 14 year old prodigy came to Japan, vowing never to...
  • anime
  • sugawarakoushi
  • yamaguchitadashi
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| Shattered heart |: Oikawa Tooru x reader  by jeonparkkimhoe
| Shattered heart |: Oikawa Tooru...by taehyung
Transferring to Aoba Jousai sounds like a decent thing since your childhood friend is attending there as a 3rd year too. You look forward to see your childhood friend be...
  • xreader
  • tsukishima
  • oikawaxreader
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Haikyuu II by readerssin
Haikyuu IIby Reader's Sin
Continuation of Haikyuu book.
  • kageyama
  • hinata
  • kuroo
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Haikyuu Trash by DarthLiz
Haikyuu Trashby TallSaltyFrenchFry
Garbage + Haikyuu = Shitty volleyball memes (Uploads every three days!)
  • kenmakozume
  • kurotsuki
  • iwaizumi
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Unexpectedly || Tsukishima x Reader by akashicc
Unexpectedly || Tsukishima x Readerby Akashicchan
Cold and stubborn. The traits of a boy you would never dream to fall for in a million years. You were never really his type either. However, life never goes the way you...
  • tsukishimakei
  • haikyuulovestory
  • volleyball
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