A Neko among Crows by Imeriyafrance
A Neko among Crowsby E
What will happen if a certain volleyball prodigy joined the Karasuno volleyball boys club. --- Please read! It's my first Haikyuu Fanfic! Details inside! - Eliza
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  • crows
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He Was A She?! // Haikyuu X Trans!Reader by gay_silence
He Was A She?! // Haikyuu X Trans...by Dylan-Chan
You had always known you were different. Always knew something was special. But what? Finally, in your last year of middle school, you figured it out. You were transgend...
  • volleyball
  • bxblove
  • sugawara
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Haikyuu!! Oneshot/Drabble Collection [xreader] by bobisakat
Haikyuu!! Oneshot/Drabble Collecti...by Baba
ONE-SHOTS AND DRABBLES FOR OUR FAVOURITE VOLLEYBALL DORKS!!11! Cover photo isn't mine and neither is Haikyuu. Enjoy Reading ^-^ Originally posted in my DA account, which...
  • xreader
  • tsukishima
  • kuroo
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🔹🏐The Courts Calling🏐🔹- A Haikyuu Fanfiction by DemonicWolfWithWings
🔹🏐The Courts Calling🏐🔹- A Haik...by DemonicWolfWithWings
Nekoma, the agile cats from hell, are known as a powerhouse school throughout their entire region. They have incredible aces and rock solid blockers, making them the tea...
  • lev
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Ms. Troublemaker • Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader by NineTailedAhri
Ms. Troublemaker • Kuroo Tetsurou...by ❀ ahri ❀
❝nice to meet you, ms. troublemaker.❞ a troublemaker who happened to catched the nekoma male volleyball club captain's interest. ━━━━━━ ♥ ━━━━━━ author: ninetailedahri �...
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Vampire's mate by Jenna__Rose
Vampire's mateby JennaRose
Evelyn is now grown up. Being the daughter of Alpha and Luna has it's perks. Having over protective brother doesn't. And she is destined to be Vampire's mate. The day sh...
  • bite
  • soulmates
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Mocskos titok [LevYaku - Befejezett] by Deliiora
Mocskos titok [LevYaku - Befejezet...by Ed Elric's wife
Yakunak az átlagos diáknapjai után olyannal kell keresnie a kenyerét, amire nem büszke és ami miatt utálja magát. Nem lát kiutat, de vajon egy százkilencvennégy centis v...
  • szerelem
  • yaku
  • levyaku
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Setter Swap by Pravi29
Setter Swapby Pravi29
When clockwork is moving together smoothly, if one of the motors are changes, it can make the clockwork work better or worse.
  • haikyuu
  • kagayama
  • yaku
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 ~ Levyaku one shots ~ by PeteSouthPark
~ Levyaku one shots ~by Pete
This is a bunch of fluff and smut and its boyxboy. Dont like dont read ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and please like and favorite cause it makes my day and it really helps
  • levyaku
  • asahi
  • karasuno
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Haikyuu!! x Reader Oneshots by yonebayachi
Haikyuu!! x Reader Oneshotsby saiko seiko
Haikyuu!! Various x Reader Oneshots ハイキュー Requests are now open! A Haikyuu!! ハイキュー fanfiction | Haikyuu!! | Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2017
  • akaashi
  • bokuto
  • lev
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king ||bokuaka|| by hqheaven
king ||bokuaka||by Hatari
a kingdom, which lies in the darkest and densest forests, is ruled by a king. a king who's heart is as cold as stone. what will happen when a certain traveler steps int...
  • boyxboy
  • bokutokoutarou
  • bokutokoutaro
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Bugs [A Haikyuu fanfic] by the_unspokens
Bugs [A Haikyuu fanfic]by NishinOYA XD
When the team saw a bug during practice, what will their reaction be?
  • fukurodani
  • karasuno
  • yaku
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Haikyuu!! One-Shots [X Reader Edition] by XxA-ELLExX
Haikyuu!! One-Shots [X Reader Edit...by ⓐ. ⓔⓛⓛⓔ
[HEAVY EDITING, REQUESTS CLOSED] Quick in volleyball, but apparently not at love
  • tanaka
  • xreader
  • nishinoya
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Lolirock And The New Girl by StormyCipher
Lolirock And The New Girlby Michael Mell
A Lolirock Fanfic I Hope Yall Like It!!
  • talia
  • auriana
  • roleplay
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Five Seconds by KireisCorner
Five Secondsby Shelby Soto
An unconventional dare leads a dark sorcerer into dangerous territory with a princess he's known for too long, but not well enough; and yet, she may be the only one who...
  • talisto
  • lilybowman
  • praxina
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Haikyu!! Headcanons!! by JadelynFullbuster
Haikyu!! Headcanons!!by JadelynFullbuster
Just as the description says. I don't own haikyuu, I only own my opinions. Probably includes some ships. Hope you all enjoy!
  • yamaguchi
  • oikawa
  • sugawara
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Lolirock: Spectators of Ombria (Season 1) by The_Galaxy_Writer
Lolirock: Spectators of Ombria (Se...by Kira
What would you do if you had the same dream over and over, each time more intense showing you your destined path? What if in that dream, you were told to protect a Prin...
  • fantasy
  • volta
  • fanfic
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Haikyuu!! Zodiac Book by Ash2oo4
Haikyuu!! Zodiac Bookby A L Y X
HEY HEY HEYYYY to all Haikyuu!! fans out there! Thank you guys so much for choosing this book to read, please vote and leave a comment in the comment section on who you...
  • anime
  • zodiac
  • yamaguchi
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haikyuu!! chatroom. ー /some posts are from google,, credits to the owners/ cringe alert !!, please do not read ! © MLKLTY / misa | 2016
  • fukurodani
  • shiratorizawa
  • kageyama
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When you wish upon a star (kuroo x reader) by thelittlenovel
When you wish upon a star (kuroo x...by Anastasia jace
I would love to know why just the mere thought of you keeps me absolutely restless at the oddest hours of the day, but what I would love even more is to know if I ever h...
  • nekoma
  • haikyuufanfiction
  • kuroosmut
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