iwaoi | drunk & disorderly

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iwaoi | drunk & disorderly

It was just 11:30 pm, the eve of New Years. Iwaizumi Hajime was just relaxing in his bed, New Years was overrated to the ace. He had little to no interest of celebrating the international holiday.

Although, it was the first New Year's he hadn't received a call or text from his boyfriend – Oikawa Tooru, the idiot – which was quite surprising, the cheerful setter was always wanting to spend the holiday with him but Iwazumi always told him no and now, Iwaizumi was missing him.

"Baka." He hissed, turning in his bed to face his window, hearing the joyous laughter and cheer from his neighbours. Just as he was about to drift into sleep, he heard a chink against his glass window. He ignored it and turned again, away from the window.

Chink chink. He sighed deeply before covering his ears with his pillow, wanting the annoying sound to go away.


Iwaizumi sat upright and saw shards of glass underneath his windowsill and a decent sized rock among them. Someone had smashed his window. Iwaizumi was beyond furious and got up to look down out his window, cursing as he did.

As soon as he looked down, he wanted to wring the guys neck. "Hey Iwa-chan~!" Oikawa slurred from below, wriggling his fingers up at the ace; beckoning him to go down.

Iwaizumi sighed and leaned against the wooden frame of the window as he glared down at the setter. "What are you doing here? You broke my window!"

Oikawa giggled and stumbled before pointing at him. Iwaizumi could tell the man had had a rough night drinking, his usual mousy brown hair was astray with disheveled ends which were usually curled perfectly and his clothes were wrinkled and dirty.

"Don't be mad, Iwa-chan! Come down her-!" The captain stumbled on a rough patch of dirt and he fell face first into the lawn, groaning. Iwazumi huffed before descending downstairs to the male who was moaning and groaning on his lawn.

"Urusai!" Iwaizumi cursed, helping his boyfriend up and leading him back into the apartment complex. Oikawa's words were slurred and Iwazumi couldn't make out a single sentence but it sounded like 'I miss you' and 'I really need to pee'.

"Tooru, go take a shower and I'll get you some clothes." Iwaizumi told him, his anger subdued for the moment as he pushed the setter into the bathroom of his apartment and went to search for a dustpan.

Once he heard the water from the shower he calmed down a little bit more, Oikawa was certainly a handful. He cleaned up the broken glass and removed the rock, his hands on his hips as he pondered on what to do with the broken window. He wouldn't be able to get it fixed for a while due to the holiday, damn you Oikawa!

As he leant forward to close his shutters, a pair of arms snaked around his waist, bringing him closer to the person. "Gomen, Iwa-chan." Oikawa muttered, kissing the nape of the ace's neck. He was feeling sleepy after all the alcohol he drank and from the warm relaxing hot shower he had.

"You're paying for this," his boyfriend told him, turning around his arms to face him and wrapping his strong arms around the setters neck. "Why are you here anyway?"

Oikawa chuckled before sleepily resting his head on Hajime's shoulder, nuzzling him. "Isn't it obvious? I wanted to spend New Years with you."

This made Iwaizumi blush has he held the setter tighter before letting go and leading the two of them to his bed, laying down with Oikawa's face centimetres from his. His hair was a little damp from the shower, curling again slightly. Tooru's hand went up to Iwaizumi's face and caressed it gently with his long slender fingers, kissing his lips gently.

Iwaizumi kissed him back almost immediately, it wasn't a hungry or rough kiss but a small passionate one with fire works going off outside the apartment building, celebrating the New Year. They broke apart and Iwaizumi rested his forehead on Oikawa's, onyx staring into chocolate brown.

"Maybe I will celebrate New Years, if my window doesn't get smashed again." Iwaizumi sighed, snuggling up with the setter as he chuckled.

"Yeah, don't worry I'll pay for but I'm really tired. My head is killing me." Oikawa whined, his eyes shutting as he drifted off to sleep along with Iwazumi. The two holding each other as the fireworks went off and the laughter and cheer surrounding them, what a happy miraculous night it was.

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