Ten - Getting To Know You

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Mia's POV

I woke up feeling refreshed and happy then suddenly I blushed when I saw I was in my bed. I clearly remember falling asleep on the sofa with Alexander after he asked me to be his girlfriend. I hope it wasn't just my overactive mind because this has been one of the most amazing things to happen to me. I stood up to brush my teeth and my face when I heard my phone ring then I half ran towards it.

It had to be real because there is no reason for Alex to call me on a Saturday morning, I answered the phone shyly, "Hello Mr. Kingston."

He chuckled and answered in his velvety voice, "Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?" My heart fluttered and I smiled, "I slept amazing, what about you?"

"Well, since you were in my dreams, I slept amazing. I was wondering if you'd like to spend the day together?" he asked unsure.

I felt excitement build up in my stomach, "I'd love that, what will we be doing?"

I heart a smile in his voice as he said "It's a surprise, but I will tell you we'll be outdoors. Is it fine if I pick you up in an hour?"

I almost started to jump up and down because I love spending time with him, "an hour sounds great, see you!"

He laughed softly and said his goodbyes before I hung up. I ate some Lucky Charms in a rush then went to my room and dressed in a pretty lavender summer dress and black sandals. I decided to keep my make up natural as I usually do then I curled my hair a little and grabbed my purse. I debated on taking a cardigan but the sky looked gorgeous so I thought I would be fine without it. As soon as I stepped out of the room I heard a soft knock on the door.

I walked over and as I opened the door I couldn't contain the smile spreading across my face. He looked impecable as usual with his dark jeans and navy blue button down. His messy hair made him look even better if possible. He smiled at me and handed me a single red rose then softly kissed my lips. I kissed him back slowly as I felt him wrap his arms around me and I was sure he could hear my heart thumping against my chest. He slowly released me with a huge smile on his face then handed me the rose.

I took it happily, "Thank you, it's beautiful."

"But not as much as you" he said with his usual charming smile.

I giggled then we walked outside to his car. I don't know much about cars but his looked very fancy and expensive from what I could see before he opened the door for me. I smiled gratefully and walked in, it wasn't after he began driving and turned the radio on softly to a sweet melody that I realized I didn't know where we were headed.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"There's a really beautiful meadow nearby, it's in full bloom now and I thought maybe we could head over there and spend the day out, we can do something else if you want though."

"That sounds lovely" I said excitedly. To be honest with myself, anything that he wants to do would be perfect as long as I can spend time with him. The drive to the meadow seemed short but I think it was Alex's playful mood that made time fly.

When we got there he parked the car then quickly got out then opened the door for me. I definitely am not used to being treated like a queen but I love that he is so attentive. He stole a quick kiss then smiled big and walked to the trunk.

"I have another surprise for you!" he said excitedly as he opened the trunk, "I thought maybe I could take some photographs and you could paint if you'd like... I bought some painting materials for you, I wasn't quite sure what you needed."

I smiled widely at him then hugged him because he is too adorable, "you're the best."

When we finally reached what he claimed to be the perfect spot I knew he made the right choice because the view was stunning. I set up my canvas and paint and began to paint the beautiful bright blue skies. I could feel Alex staring at me which kept distracting me but I continued painting the meadow. The light shone so beautifully on the meadow and made the white flowers look even more astounding. I giggled when I felt Alex take pictures of me as I painted. I turned to look at him as he continued to photograph me.

He hummed softly as he continued photographing me then the flowers and the sky and I smirked as I began to paint him in the meadow. Two could play at his game.

After about an hour I was finished and I heard him say, "May I see the final product of your inspiration?" I nodded then laughed at his shocked expression.

He decided my actions deserved a good old tickling and we rolled around in the flowers for a few minutes while he tickled me then he gently began to kiss my lips again and I was intoxicated by his scent.

I have never been in a serious relationship so when he began to stroke my neck and ran the tip of his tongue against my bottom lip I freaked out and slightly pulled away. I did not want him to think I was lame or anything like that so I decided to play it off and tickle him back.

We ended up eating sandwiches that he made and shared a delicious fruit salad. After we ate we sat together for a while talking about our childhood until the sun began to set. The view was more beautiful than one can imagine especially because I saw his focused, passionate face as he photographed the sunset. We headed to the car hand in hand and my heart would beat slightly faster every time he brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. When he finally stopped outside of my house it was dark and I really did not want him to leave yet. He gently held my face and kissed me sweetly like this morning then he whispered against my lips, "today was amazing thanks to you."

I lightly stroked his cheek and kissed him again then smiled, "do you have to leave so soon?"

He laughed, "I do because I have some work to finish up but I would love it if we could do something tomorrow? This time you can decide."

I nodded enthusiastically then he opened the door for me and kissed me good night. When I laid down in bed I went over the day's events and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Alex's POV

I drove home with a smile on my face as I thought about my day with Mia. She looked beautiful in her lavender dress. The beauty of the meadow paled in comparison to hers. I'm glad she let me keep her painting of the meadow and me because she is definitely talented. My dad was right when he said her paintings were like none other. That thought stopped me right in my tracks. How could I be feeling this good after a day with her? I must not forget about my plan! I should be happy, not because today was amazing but because my plan is going well.

Even though she looks innocent and kind I know better than that. It is all an act to get men to love her and I refuse to let myself fall for her. I need to get justice for my father and that is exactly what I will do. I know she is falling in love with me, I could see it in her eyes today at the meadow. I have to continue behaving exactly like I am now and in no time she will be mine.

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