Six - First Kiss

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Mia's POV

I woke up early again to make sure I had enough time to get ready so I could look my best. This time I made myself a better lunch as well and popped in my earphones. I danced my way out and waited for the bus happily. The ride to work seemed awfully long but finally I got there. I walked in with a big smile hoping maybe I could make some more friends.

As soon as I got to my desk I set my things down and began to make Alexander's coffee just how Savannah told me and started working. A couple minutes after I spotted Alexander walking over towards me and I couldn't hide my smile. "Good morning Ale... Err.. Mr. Kingston."

He stopped by my desk and smiled widely then put down a bouquet of flowers on my desk. "Morning Ms. Franco these are for you."

The butterflies in my stomach went crazy. I blushed, "for me?"

"Of course, I thought they would look beautiful on your desk. Not as beautiful as you of course" he chuckled. "Excuse me" he smiled and walked into his office leaving me with my mouth hanging open. Was he really attracted to me? I mean even Monica said this wasn't his usual behavior.

After a couple minutes I gathered the courage to knock on his door. After he said "come in" I walked in nervously.

"Hey... I just wanted to return your jacket since I forgot to last night.. Thank you" I handed him over the jacket and he smiled as he hung it up on his coat hanger.

"No problem. I'm just glad it could keep you warm." He said as he walked closer to me with a soft smile.

"Your coffee is ready" I said trying to keep my feet on the ground.

"Thank you Mia" he said softly while holding the cup and setting it on his table then turning back to look at me.

"Right" I looked at him anxiously because it felt like he was looking right through my soul with those beautiful green eyes.

He walked closer to me then lightly tucked a lose strand of hair behind my ear while smiling softly. I thought he was about to kiss me when his phone started ringing. I jumped then excused myself and quickly walked out.

Other than him and Monica everyone in the building seemed to hate me. It wasn't my fault that Alexander was giving me so much of his attention. I never asked for any of it. Since today was Monica's day off I had to sit by myself on my break while everyone glared at me as they walked by. Alexander was busy for the rest of the day which meant I could not be close to him. At least my heart could beat normally. I'm sure the way Alexander made me feel couldn't be good for my health.

I couldn't wait until the clock hit 5. I quickly picked up and clocked out then got out of there as soon as I could. I was about to cross the sidewalk to get to the bus when someone honked at me and I saw Alexander poke his head out the window. "Need a ride?"

I smiled sheepishly then shook my head "no thank you, I'm fine."

He slightly pouted, "come on, you'll get home much faster. Plus I'd like some company."

I couldn't resist how adorable he looked and I gave in. "Alright, Thanks."

I quickly got into his expensive car and smiled as I buckled up. He drove me home while playing soft music in his car and asking me random questions every now and then.

When he asked me "when was your last serious boyfriend?" I laughed because it was ridiculous.

"I have never really had a serious boyfriend"

He clenched his hands so hard on the steering wheel I thought he would break it but he still smiled a little and said "interesting." His smile did not match his eyes but I decided to just let it go.

He stopped the car outside of my house and I looked at him. "Thanks Alexander."

He looked at me with gentle eyes then lightly held my face and slowly leaned in. He stayed still for a second centimeters away from my face then very lightly kissed my lips. It only lasted a couple seconds but my heart was beating wildly and I'm sure he could hear it.

Once he pulled away he had a charming smile on his face and I couldn't help to smile back.

"I'll see you tomorrow Mia" he said hopeful.

I couldn't speak so I just nodded as I got out and walked inside my house.

Once inside It took me a while to calm down but after I did I decided to call my parents to catch up with them since we hadn't spoken in a while then called my best friend Addison.

"Hey Addison what are you up to?"

"Nothing much just hanging out with Taylor today"

"Do you think you can sneak off and come see me? We need an emergency girls night out"

"You know I can. Anything for my bestest friend" she giggled.

"Alright, I'll see you at 10 girl"

"See ya."

I took a quick nap before I decided to get ready. We were going out to the club and I needed to look good. I never really went out to clubs but tonight I needed a really good distraction. I couldn't believe what had happened and I needed to talk to Addison about it. My girl was punctual and I was glad I hurried up because as soon I finished getting ready she showed up. I got on her car and we drove up to the hottest club in town.

Alex's POV

My plan was working amazingly. I could tell she was starting to fall for me. I was too busy at work today to talk to her as much as I wanted but at least the flowers I gave her seemed to do the trick.

As I got out of the building to my car I saw her walking towards the bus stop then quickly drove over and offered a ride. I was glad she didn't have a car because that meant I could make this a routine and get her to fall in love with me faster since we could spend time together in the car every day.

At first she refused but she finally gave in. I knew she would. She wanted the money so of course she would want to drive in my expensive automobile. I was asking random questions just trying to make her comfortable when I asked when her last serious boyfriend was.

I almost threw her out of the car when she said she never had one. That meant all my dad was to her was a game. My hatred for her rose but I had to control myself so all I said was interesting.

She seemed scared of my reaction and she just looked so innocent and helpless. I decided to make my move and gently kissed her. It was revolting but it had to be done. Even though I hated her I couldn't help but feel the Sparks as we kissed. There was just something about her.

After I pulled back and look into her eyes I could see I had her at my feet. I bid her goodbye and she walked out dazed. I drove away from there upset at the fact that she agreed my father was just a game for her. I knew it all along.

After I got home and took a shower I received a call from my private investigator. They had listened to her phone calls as I asked and she had set up a meeting with her friend at a local bar.

It would be an amazing idea to show up there and pretend it was a coincidence. It could work to my advantage. I decided to get ready and put on my jeans, tucked in charcoal button down shirt, my black leather jacket and nice black dress shoes. Tonight she will definitely fall for me.

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