Eight - Little by Little

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Alex's POV

The next morning I showed up to work I brought her a cup of her favorite tea from a coffee shop nearby. She had shared her love for it yesterday in the car when I asked her what her favorite drink was.

I smiled at her as I set it down on her table and she looked up at me.

"Thank you" she said sweetly.

"I thought you might need it after last night" I chuckled.

She blushed as if thinking back to last night then I lightly stroked her cheek and walked into my office. My day was long and stressful so I decided I needed a break. I went to look for Mia but she wasn't at her desk so she must have been taking a break.

Even though it was barely her first week she was very efficient. I went outside and saw her sitting at one of the benches then decided to sit by her.

I covered her eyes from behind. "Who am I?" I chuckled.

She giggled and pretended to think, "Addison?" She said playfully.

I growled just as playfully and turned around then sat next to her.

"Oh it was you" she smirked.

I stuck my tongue out. I knew it was childish but it seemed ok when I was with her for some reason. We teased around during the whole break.

After her shift ended I decided I would leave as well so that I could give her a ride home. It was starting to become a routine and this time she jumped in my car as soon as I offered her a ride. I knew that I had to be patient but little by little I would win her heart.

The same routine dragged on for days. I have to admit that even though at first it felt like a chore now it just came naturally to me. It had been a month since I met her and ever since that day I had given her a ride home and taken cute gifts to her at work every day. I was getting impatient though. I would have to take the next step soon if I wanted to end her as soon as I could.

Mia's POV

Little by little Alexander began to win my heart. He would always be so sweet to me in the morning. He would give me a rose or bring me tea, bring me chocolate which he knows I love or just bring me a sweet little note to make me smile. Every day I anxiously waited for our lunch break because I knew it was the only time during our work day where we could talk and see each other.

Every day I learned something new about him. I didn't really know much about his family because he would shut me off every time we got close to that topic but I knew sooner or later he would open up.

Him giving me a ride home after work became a ritual. Sometimes we would go out afterwards to grab dinner or just sit outside my house in the car talking about random things.

I knew it had just been a month and it was dangerous to become so dependent on him but now I just couldn't imagine going to work without him. I think I'm falling for Alexander Kingston.

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