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The Unforgivable (Book One) by Painting-with-light
The Unforgivable (Book One)by WritingThruMyLens
Alexander Kingston was only 22 when his father died in his arms. He blames Mia Franco, his father's secret girlfriend at the time. Two years after his father's death, Al...
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The Healing (Book Two) by Painting-with-light
The Healing (Book Two)by WritingThruMyLens
This is the second book to The Unforgivable. Alexander Kingston wakes up after his accident that left him with severe memory loss. He has forgotten the past few years o...
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Emotions in Words by Zainathegrreat
Emotions in Wordsby Zainathegrreat
A book of poems by a teenager
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For you by missionschick_99
For youby Bells
A collection of poems I would give to the boy I love if I had the courage. Finally, after 5+ years, it is completed! Sequel coming soon!
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Ante Meridiem by naftaliita
Ante Meridiemby naftalita 🌞
[Ante Meridiem, is an abbreviation the Latin phrase ante merīdiem meaning "before midday"] Siapa yang tidak mengenal Singgalang Adisatya, sebuah mitos dari SM...
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The Bad Boy's Sister by SensitiveTeenQueen
The Bad Boy's Sisterby J
Meet the Richards! A perfect family that everyone would literally kill to be in and strive for their families to be like. Everything was perfect! And I literally mean ev...
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The Way You Love Me by Secret_Author_12
The Way You Love Meby Secret_Author_12
It had been years since Lauryn felt loved by anyone. At a young age she learned people can walk away from you for all sorts of reasons. No matter how much you SHOULD mea...
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Mortem Tenemus by RipleyGray
Mortem Tenemusby Ripley
The Human Spirit Alliance has been keeping order in the world between the Nosens and humans, having held peace between the two now for the past sixty years. Hunter Gray...
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The Many Dimensions of Janet and Edith by edithbubblegum
The Many Dimensions of Janet and E...by edithbubblegum
Janet and Edith. Two star crossed platonic lovers just trying to make it work. Across many dimensions Janet and Edith try desperately to be happy together. In some dimen...
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The Other Darcy by xofangirl3
The Other Darcyby xofangirl3
Darcy Presnyl has never before stepped out of her comfort zone. Until now when she's moved halfway across the country for college. Forced quickly to decide whether she's...
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The Key That Changed  by MaryKatherineW
The Key That Changed by MaryKatherineW
Kate Katherine moves with her mom and dad at age 17. During their first night at their new home, Kate finds a old key in the bathroom tub. A old silver key that seemed...
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Kabut Cinta Pendekar Cipluk* by leikha_ha
Kabut Cinta Pendekar Cipluk*by Leikha Ha
*Cipluk stands for Cilik dan Nyempluk :D Pendekar Cempluk, seorang pendekar perempuan di dunia persilatan yang curiga kekasihnya berselingkuh. Ia berkelana mencari tahu...
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I don't take this seriously enough to have a title  by opalgeek
I don't take this seriously enough...by opalgeek
This took 2 hours to write and it's kinda sad. That's it.
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The Darkest Diary Ever by lokeshnabulani
The Darkest Diary Everby Lokeshna Bulani
After Mihika's suicidal death,will her darkest secrets be known to anyone? Why hasn't she told anything to Yukti?All is hidden in her diary.. read to find out..
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A German story:Guten tag to you. by SnowyRosey
A German story:Guten tag to you.by AuthorHarriet
This is a German story about a boy named Baldric,he and his friends have to suffer and sacrifice themselves even killing with mysteries,will they make it out in one piec...
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Elements: The Beginning by plutomatt
Elements: The Beginningby Plutomatt
Four teenagers lives are suddenly changed when a mysterious phenomenon causes them to gain the powers of the elements. As they try to understand what is happening to the...
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The Girl, The Boy, The Hospital by julybones
The Girl, The Boy, The Hospitalby julybones
Meet Tanner Owens. He's 18, shy, and now spends all his free time and some of his not so free time in a hospital. Why? The girl. He doesn't know her name. He doesn't kno...
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Working Title: Mobnapped by inkybluemind
Working Title: Mobnappedby inkybluemind
Grace Jones was no stranger to strange, not only was she one of the least popular girls in school, she enjoyed science, art and computers - needless to say - she was a g...
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Ivy Black (novelization) by Bowieisourstar
Ivy Black (novelization)by Rocknroll.midnight
I wrote an original poem about a made up girl named ivy black a few years ago and decided to do a novelization of the poem. Will post the original Poem.
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Breaking Down His Walls by 1DNoodle
Breaking Down His Wallsby Narrys_Bae
A story in which a girl accidentally bumps into a mysterious boy who immediately intrigues her. She spends her time trying to break down the walls he's built and in turn...
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