Thirty-seven - Explanations

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Alex's POV

I looked at Mia's mother waiting for her to say what she needed to say. I wanted to walk to Mia's bedside and hold her hand, tell her it would all be alright but she probably did not want that from me right now.

Mia's mom began to explain about how Mia had been born and how her dad had not been aware. I looked from her to Mia as she continued to tell the story. It wasn't until she said that Mia had a twin that I felt like my knees got weak.

Her twin was the one that caused my family so much pain? And maybe didn't even know about this twin? What kind of horrible person would do what I did to someone as kind as Mia? I did not deserve her love...

I could not speak or do anything because of how shocked I was. I stood there silently looking at Mia's parents as it all began making sense in my head, Mia's twin had found out about Mia and taken her identity making my dad think she was a good and kind painter. Maybe she bought the paintings from Mia's online store instead of actually painting them. No wonder I had thought it was her if they looked exactly alike. Mia had never met my father or hurt him in any way.

When it all finally made sense in my head I turned to look at Mia and her eyes looked pained and cold at the same time. It was like she was looking at me but not seeing me like she used to. Mia's parents apologized and then left the room so that we could talk.

"Mia...I'm so sorry, I saw you, well someone that looked like you, I never could have imagined that you had a twin. Things like these don't really happen in real life... please, forgive me. I'll do whatever it takes for you to forgive me."

"Alex, I do, I forgive you only because I know the pain that you have been through. I know you never meant to hurt our baby, but you did want to hurt me. I forgive you because I know how much you love your father and that you honestly thought it was me because you could have never imagined I had a twin. But even though I forgive you, whatever we had it's over. That isn't coming back."

The knot in my throat almost kept me from talking but I imagined to scoot closer to her, "Mia don't do this please, we have found something that is only found once in a lifetime between two people. I love you and You love me and yes there is a complicated mess that got in the way but our feelings haven't changed."

She looked at me with tears falling down her face and shook her head, "no, I can't. I will never be able to trust you again and a relationship without trust does not work. We will keep hurting each other and I think it's best for us to go our own way."

"Mia baby, we can work this out, I will earn your trust again, please, I love you."

"I've let many things you've done to me go by but this is just too much. Please leave me be, I need time to understand what I am going through and I need time to heal and I can't do that if you're here with me, so please leave" she said in between sobs and tears.

The last thing I wanted was to leave that room but I needed to respect what she wanted and how she felt especially because this was all my fault so I walked out of that room with my broken heart in hand.

My mother and Annabel were waiting outside with worry and anger in their face, they apparently found out everything now, my plan and thirst for vengeance. My mother had always warned me against that and I had never wanted to listen. I knew Annabel was upset that I had lied to her and hurt Mia.

I stood before them more defeated and tired than I had ever been before and said, "say what you want to say."

My mother shook her head and looked at me with anger, "I have nothing to say to you" then left.

Annabel was looking at me with sad yet angry eyes as she basically yelled at me saying, "how could you this to her? She loved you! Why would you keep this from your family Alex?? We told you my father's death was an accident! That's all it was, a horrible accident! I can't believe you would hurt everyone around you just to get your stupid justice! Are you happy now?"

I couldn't take her yelling at this point and my own blood began to boil, "my father's death was no accident! He's dead because of that gold digger! It might have not been Mia but it was her sister!"

"Alex you still can't see how much you've hurt her? She's leaving you, you know what? She's already left you. Look at her and what you've done and there's no coming back from that."

I did not want to make a bigger scene than I had so I walked outside of the hospital to cool off.

When I tried to go back to see Mia her dad was outside her door and kept me from going in.

"Sir, she's still my wife and I love her, I need to see her."

He said, "and she's my daughter and it is best for her if you don't go in, she does not want to see you right now son please respect that."

Every time I would try to go in I was kept from seeing her. I wanted to ignore him and go in anyways but I knew it would not help the situation. I waited in the waiting room for the next three days praying that she was okay and that she would come back to me like like for you to get some coffee for you and for her, would you be able to do that?"

"Of course! I'll be back in a minute" I rushed towards the cafeteria because I knew I would be seeing her as soon as I came back.

When I opened her room door, all that was on her bed was a note.

It said, "I have been discharged and I am okay now, I need some peace and quiet to heal. Please don't come looking for me or my family, when I am ready I will contact you. I hope that you are able to use this time to heal as well.

They had tricked me into leaving so they could take her without me stopping her. I left that hospital feeling like an idiot, angry at the world and myself mostly. I cried on the whole way to my home because I had lost everything and everyone. I hadn't even had time to mourn the loss of my child and now the loss of Mia. My family was angry at me. My friends were angry. Taylor had been right all along, this hate that I had led to nothing but a disaster.

When I arrived to an empty home I knew that I had royally messed up and the chances of Mia taking me back were slim next to none. I could not even cry anymore because I had nothing left in me.

I needed to forget everything, all I had done and the fact that I had nothing left so I grabbed the first bottle of alcohol that I saw and began to drink my pain away.

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