Nine - Be Mine

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Mia's POV

I tried not to show how upset I felt this morning. Today was Alexander's meeting with Mr. Sanders which meant he would be busy all day long. When I walked into the office I noticed he had been here early which meant I wouldn't even get to see him this morning.

I shouldn't allow him to have such control over my emotions but I couldn't help it. The day seemed to drag on endlessly until finally lunch arrived. I sat with Monica and she was her usual cheery self.

"So how's Mr. Kingston been treating you?" She giggled.

"How do you mean?" I feigned innocence but I knew she didn't believe my act.

"Oh come on he brings you gifts everyday, spends his breaks with you and gives you a ride home daily! He's totally smitten!" She said while looking at my with curiosity.

I couldn't help but smile when I thought of how sweet he was, "I don't know... He seems too good to be true you know?"

"Well you definitely like him right?" She said in an obvious tone then I giggled and nodded my head while putting my finger to my lips in an effort to quiet her down.

She rolled her eyes while laughing and I changed the conversation in an effort to get her to stop talking about Alexander because it's making me miss him more.

After lunch the rest of the day was just as dull as the beginning. I walked into Alexander's office to place some reports on his desk right before leaving and smiles when I saw my paintings on his wall. I didn't want to snoop around but I was attracted to a picture on his desk. It was him and what seemed to be his family. There was a beautiful girl and a guy that seemed to be his older brother and was very good looking. When I saw the parents I could tell where their kids got their good looks from. They all seemed so happy standing around Alexander who sat before a birthday cake. He seemed so happy and young in it, almost like a different person but I was probably imagining things.

I walked outside and collected my belongings then walked to the elevator and headed out. I guess I will have to take the bus tonight because Alexander will work late. I rode the bus home with a heavy heart and walked in my house. I knew I shouldn't be dependent on him but I already was... I went to the kitchen and decided I was not in the mood for food so I got myself a glass of wine.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it I was definitely surprised. Alexander was holding a bouquet of roses and take out from the first restaurant we went to together. I couldn't do anything but look and him then he finally asked, "May I come in?"

"Yeah of course" I said flustered as I held the door open wider and moved so he could walk in.

"These are for you" he handed me the roses with a bright smile and held up the takeout, "and since we couldn't have lunch together I thought you might want dinner?"

"These are beautiful and thank you, I would love to eat dinner with you" I said while blushing then showed him the way to the kitchen.

We sat down and ate dinner while sharing our days with each other then he looked at me intensely when we finished. I didn't know what to do and I begin to feel self conscious so I blurted out a thought 'you look a lot like your dad you know? I saw a picture in your office, your family is beautiful"

I knew I shouldn't have said that because as soon as I did his demeanor changed and I could see he was angry and distant. I felt fear for a few seconds and when I was about to get up he seemed to relax then he smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to react that way.. My dad has passed away recently and I don't really like to talk about my family."

"I'm sorry Alexander I didn't mean to intrude..." I said as he stood up and walked over to me.

He stood between my legs while I sat on the stool by the counter then he gently held my face and stroked my cheek "you're so beautiful and delicate I always want to take care of you" he said while looking into my eyes.

I felt my heart beating thunderously and felt embarrassed because I was almost sure he could hear it. He slowly inched forward and pressed his lips to mine shocking me because of how soft and sweet they were.

"Be my girlfriend Mia?"

Those four words caused my heart to skip a beat and gave me the biggest smile I've had on my face.

"Of course Alexander" I whispered and tentatively kissed him back while he wrapped his arms around me and held me closer.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting on my couch talking about each other's likes and dislikes and cuddling each other while movies played in the background. The last thing I remember was closing my eyes while he stroked my hair then I fell into blissful sleep.

Alex's POV

I watched Mia sleeping peacefully and she looked like an innocent angel but I knew that wasn't true. I am happy that she agreed to be my girlfriend, not because I want to be with her but because my plan is working so far. I will destroy her and her dreams for ruining my family's lives and killing my father. I can't believe I almost ruined my chances when I had my little outburst earlier. I just couldn't help getting so angry when she pretended not to know my father! But if she wants to play that game then I can too.

I wish she was really the kind loving person that she seemed to be because having her here sleeping in my arms feels so nice. I have never felt anything like this before but I won't let it keep me from fulfilling my revenge. Out of nowhere she smiles softly and cuddles up to me then softly mutters my name and that tugs at my heart. I can't be this close to her when she looks so vulnerable so I gently move her off of me then pick her up and lightly set her on her bed then I walk out of her apartment and leave before I change my mind and cuddle up with her.

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