Twenty-seven - Hidden Lies

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Mia's POV

"One month???" I almost yelled it out loud because I was starting to get worried. There was only one month left before the wedding and not everything was planned. I would really have to focus more on finishing like now. At least I had my dress, shoes, make up and hairdo picked out. The only thing that had not really been planned was the food, cake and music. But still there were many details that needed to be taken care of.

"Yeah babe, one month. Why? Are you worried?" Alexander looked at me waiting for an answer and I shook my head.

"Just feeling overwhelmed."

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek softly, "it's going to be completely fine my love. I told you if at any point you want me to hire someone to help with everything I will you know."

"I know, but I just want to do it myself."

He nodded as he grabbed the car key and his sunglasses. It has been a little chilly lately so he was wearing a sweater and beanie. I followed him to the car and bucked up after he held the door.

As he drove out of my drive away I could not help but feel a little sad knowing that I would not be living there much longer.

"Do you have any idea what type of cake you'd like?" He asked distracting me.

"Not at all, do you?"

"Nope, just going with an open mind."

About half an hour later we were at the shop and there were way too many different types of cake I was not sure I could try them all. At first, I could see the excitement in Alexander's face as he started trying the cakes. He was even being playful trying to feed me and even putting some frosting on my nose at some point. Towards the end of the cake tasting he was definitely not as happy anymore.

"I don't want to see another cake in a long long time," he said.

I laughed and set the last piece down, "which one did you like the best?"

"I don't even know anymore..."

"How about the Hazelnut-Almond cake with the chocolate ganache filling?"

He nodded in agreement but I know he would have agreed to anything just to get out of this place. After we placed the order and made sure everything would be set, Alex asked me if I would like to sleep over at his place tonight so I could start getting used to the house.

Even though Alex would sleep over at my place all the time, I never really slept in his house or even visited often. His style was very elegant but minimalistic and it just did not feel like home to me. The house looked sleek and modern from the outside and too clean and organized in the inside.

About half an hour after I agreed to sleep at his place, we were parking in his garage. He held the door open for me as usual and I kissed his cheek to thank him. His garage looked very new and large. It was always surprising how organized he was because you could tell everything was nearly stowed in a designated location. The rest of the house was the same, the color scheme around the house included different types of cream/white colors along with a light grey and black combination. Every here and there he would have a pop of color but it was definitely not much at all. Even most of the photographs around his house were in black and white.

I walked into his living room and sat down in his large cream colored sofa after him. He smiled at me and asked, "you like the house? It took me a really long time to find something I liked."

"Uhm, yeah I think it looks very modern and elegant it is just a little too organized and sleek for me."

He looked a little disappointed and asked, "so you don't like it?"

"It's not that, I just think it needs a little more homey feel you know? Maybe I'm just not used to it and that's why it feels strange still but I'm sure I will get used to it."

"We can add decorations and change the style a bit too, it will be our house after all."

I didn't want him to feel like I wanted to get here and take over so I just nodded.

"I'm going to get us a drink alright? Oh and I forgot I needed you to sign some documents for the job termination because of the wedding and all that" he said quickly.

I nodded and was slightly confused as to why I would need to sign that but was too focused on how little time we had for the wedding that I did not pay attention.

Alex's POV

I got up from the sofa and grabbed us two drinks from the fridge. I grabbed the folder with the job termination documents that she needed to sign. The reason that I was so nervous was that behind the job termination documents I was hiding the prenuptial agreement. In it, I had made sure that even if we did get married, none of my money or assets would belong to her if we got a divorce. I knew it was unnecessary since we were not going to get married but I wanted to cover all my bases.

Once she signed that paper, she would be giving up all her right to my business, properties, money and any other assets. I had also made sure to include all the money made during the marriage. Even though in most cases the assets acquired during the marriage are split during the divorce, I made sure to add a provision where nothing would be able to go to her at all.

I handed her the drink and smiled at her pretending I was not nervous at all. She opened her drink up and took a sip. I grabbed a pen and handed her the documents and she began to read over the first page.

"Hey baby we should go out for a run! I really want to go run after all the cake we ate. We should go before the sun sets which is in like ten minutes." I said trying to somehow make her hurry so she didn't actually read any of the documents.

"I don't have running shoes or clothes on me so sadly we will have to leave that for next time."

"Well we can watch a movie then? Now?" My heart racing even though my face was calm.

"Yeah babe let me just read and sign this," she said as she finished reading the first page and turned to the second, I was starting to freak out because the next one was the prenup agreement.

"Do you really need to read it? I won't make you sign anything crazy you know. You should trust me a little more..." I tried to look playful but with a slightly hurt tone.

She laughed and shook her head, "I'm marrying you, of course I trust you! I just like reading things before I sign."

She signed the first two pages and was about to turn and read the next one. I had to somehow keep her from reading so I started kissing her. She seemed taken by surprise and kissed me back with the document in her hand. She was about to put it down so I said, "babe just sign it and give me your attention because I really want like a hundred kisses right now."

She laughed at my playful tone and quickly signed the last page without actually looking at it then giggled as I kissed her face all over. I closed the folder while kissing her so she would not see the paper by accident.

My heart was still beating fast and my palms were sweating from the adrenaline. I had been so close to her reading the document which would have been bad because she would know I don't trust her and I think all she wants is my money.

For some reason this time she had not found out and my plan was safe.

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