Forty - Epilogue

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Mia's POV

He hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek, "are you sure you have to go today?" He asked me.

"Yes babe I do, this is a new hospital I haven't been to before and I know so many people need time."

It has been a month since I was dating Ethan. I met him at the hospital when I was volunteering about five months ago. He had been fighting cancer at the time that I met him and would always be so happy to see me in my visits.

At first we had been just friends but it became something more. I couldn't say I loved him but I did have feelings for him. I had been completely honest with him since the beginning telling him about my feelings for someone else and he was completely understanding.

He pouted and kissed my lips gently before I left. I couldn't say that I saw the rest of my life with him yet but I did think we could make our relationship grow into something more. He had light green eyes and beautiful brown hair. I always left the ward feeling bittersweet. Their smiles were contagious but then I started to think of the diseases some of these kids had and I felt horrible.

I continued on to a different section of the hospital that dealt with patients with cancer. On my way to the oncology ward I had to pass the intensive care unit. I accidentally bumped with a nurse and dropped some of the brushes I used to paint so I bent down to grab them and when I stood up my eyes wandered ahead of me and my heart stopped. There he was, he looked different, older, hurt, but it was him.

He looked like he was asleep but I was probably wrong because he had so many tubes coming in and out of him. His head was bandaged and he had some bruises on his arms. I was frozen to the spot where I'd been standing and just continued to look at him. The nurse noticed me staring and asked if I knew him, I nodded slowly because I couldn't believe that now that we met again he was on a hospital bed. Could he be here because of his drug use again?

"What happened to him?" I managed to croak out.

The nurse looked at me sadly and said, "I wish I could discuss it but only his family can know that information."

I knew that I had asked for a divorce and that he had signed in because my lawyer told me he had very recently received it. All I had to do was tell my lawyer to finish it and we would no longer be married but for some strange reason I held on and did not give him the go ahead. Ethan knew I was in the process of getting a divorce and he would be upset if he found out I hadn't confirmed it yet now that I could because he had signed.

"I am married to him," I said still in shock.

"Oh, you're the wife then, I assumed he was married because he was wearing his ring when he was brought in but I didn't know who was his wife."

He was wearing his ring still? My heart ached and felt like it was being tugged in many different ways.

"What happened to him?" I asked again more upset this time.

"He got hit by a car, he saved a young boy by pushing him out of the way but unfortunately the car hit him and he has been in a coma for a month now. It's a miracle that he is still alive and slowly recuperating but it must be because he's a hero."

"He's still in a coma?"

"Yes, it must be because his brain tried to protect itself from the immense pain, it's the only way for the body to cope with those injuries."

"But he will be okay? He will wake up?"

"We cannot say yes for sure but we have faith and hope that he will. He's young and strong so hopefully he will. We have been treating him for his injuries and have been giving him medicine to treat his addiction. We hope that when he wakes up he will no longer need the drugs he used to take and will be able to stop using."

"When did this happen?"

"A month ago, by the cemetery, from what his friend said he was leaving his father's and child's grave."

I looked at his peaceful face sleeping and every feeling I had been trying to suppress came back with a more strength.

I needed to leave. Go back to Ethan, someone I could be with and keep my heart safe. I might not love him but I would be happy.

I took a step back and looked at him one last time when my eyes met with his. Those beautiful green eyes that I had dreamed with for the past six months were looking straight into mine. I was captured by his gaze and my feet froze to the ground. The nurse broke his spell by walking in front of me to get to him and check his vitals since it was his first time waking up.

He tried to speak but his voice was almost gone, the nurse gave him some water and he looked at her confused and said, "where am I?"

"Hello Mr. Kingston, you are in a hospital, I'm nurse Rita. Do you know your first name?"

"Uhm Alex? What happened to me? Can you ask my dad to come?"

That last question shocked me again. His father? He knew his dad had been dead for several years. Maybe he was confused because of the crash.

"Yes you are Alex, do you know how old you are?"

"I'm 22, please call my dad." He said in a frightened voice.

The nurse stopped what she was doing when she realized Alex's memory wasn't right. She looked at me and asked me to come in with her hand.

"Who is she?" She asked him.

He looked into my eyes and my heart broke at seeing how lost he felt, "I don't know."

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! This is the ending to book one but book two will be published shortly! Please continue reading to follow Mia and Alex's love story.

The book can be found on my profile or by searching the name:

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