Eighteen - Phase two (part 2)

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Alex's POV

I woke up in a slightly uncomfortable position and realized it was because I had been sleeping on Mia's sofa which was too small for my long body. I got up and stretched then went for my morning run around her neighborhood. When I got back I saw she had woken up. She was standing by the sofa looking at it with a slightly sleepy and confused expression. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts and an old band t-shirt. I had to admit she looked beautiful even wearing mismatched pajamas.

"Good morning sleepy head" I stated while taking off my Beats.

She turned to look at me with a smile on her head then attempted to fix her bed hair. I smirked and walked over to her, "leave it, it suits you well."

She smiled at me then pecked my lips and said "good morning babe, you went out to run?"

I nodded while taking off my shoes, "do you mind if I grab a shower?"

"I didn't know you ran in the mornings and yeah go ahead, you know where it is"

"Yep, every morning usually. I'll be out in ten"

I saw her nod and head back to her room. When I came out of the shower a delicious smell drove me over to the kitchen as I buttoned up my shirt. My hair was still damp and I couldn't find my shoes anywhere. When I walked into the kitchen I saw Mia drinking a cup of coffee.

"You drink coffee before you get ready?"

"Not usually, I just woke up a little earlier today and didn't sleep much last night."

"Why's that?"

"Bad dreams"

I walked over to her and stroked her cheek, "you could have called me and I would have made them go away you know"

"I would've but I was sleeping when I was having them silly, how was I supposed to call you in my dreams?" She said as she handed me a cup of coffee.

"Good point" I said as I took a sip. She made the most delicious coffee ever.

"I'm going to get ready so I don't make you late babe"

"I don't mind being late for you princess" I winked playfully as I took another sip.

She laughed and shook her head as she disappeared into the room. I could only imagine how beautiful she must look taking of those cute mismatched pajamas. I could still remember her soft skin from the day we went to the lake and she wore her bikini. I stopped those thoughts before I couldn't stop myself and finished my coffee. I finally found my shoes by the door and finished putting them on then I put in my tie and suit jacket. My hair was a little messy but that would have to do.

I was sitting on her kitchen chair looking through my e-mails when I received one from my private investigator. I read it over twice to make sure all the information he gave me was accurate.

According to him, there was no mistake that Mia Franco was the girl that took my father from me. My mind went back to the last day he was with us. Mom, William, Annabel and I were in the living room taking goofy pictures of each other when dad came in through the door. I looked at him happily as I did every time he walked in through the door. He was my hero and there was no one else that I would rather be like as I got older. He was a loving husband, father and son. Even though he was a busy and successful businessman he always made time for us. Today his ever present smile was not on his face though. We all looked at him as he passed us and headed to his bedroom. My mom followed him then suddenly the crying started. I heard my father say he was sorry but he had to follow what his heart was begging him to do.

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