Eleven - Perfect Date

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Alex's POV

I woke up a few minutes before my alarm surprisingly since I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I was pondering over my plan and if I should continue with it. My best friend Taylor kept telling me that I might be wrong about Mia and even if I wasn't, we might truly fall in love with each other. I didn't want to believe I could fall in love with her but after all the mixed emotions from yesterday I was beginning to question myself.

Today I decided to let her choose how our date would be so I checked my phone to see if she had texted me her idea. There were no messages which should've been expected given that it was 6 am. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face then changed into my athletic clothing and went out for a run.

It is the best way for me to release all my built up anxiety and stress. I've always been a runner but ever since my dad was taken from me running and photography have been my best distractions. I shook my head as if trying to shake my thoughts. If I want today to go well I have to be clear headed. I increased my speed and ran mindlessly for about an hour.

After having a light breakfast and showering I checked my phone and saw Mia texted, "Good morning baby, I hope you slept well 😘. What do you say to spending the day by the lake today?"

Hmm... That sounds like a good idea. I bet I could get some great shots there and charm her with my smooth ways. I dialed her number and said "Good morning princess, I slept well, did you?" as soon as she picked up.

I couldn't help but smile when she giggled and said "I slept amazing, do you like the lake idea?"

"That's good and I love your idea. I have a house by the lake too so we could head there as well? I'm excited to get some really great shots there"

"I knew you'd be excited, are you picking me up?"

"Of course I am baby. Is it fine if I pick you up in half an hour?"

"That sounds perfect! I can't wait!"

I chuckled in agreement then we hung up.

I put on a pair of jeans and a striped shirt with casual shoes then I got in my baby and drove towards Mia's place.

After I parked I got out of the car then knocked on her door and had the biggest smile when she opened. She always looks shy around me but this morning she seemed impressed.
"Why the look?" I asked.
She blushed then bit her lip without realizing it, "sorry I just am not really used to you without your suit and boss clothes yet, you look so young right now."

That surprised me then I gently kisses her lips and strokes her hair, "you look beautiful as always" I said honestly. She truly was a beautiful woman. She was curvy in all the right places but always dressed so elegantly unlike most girls who want to impress guys by barely covering themselves.

I held her hand and gently kissed it, "you ready?"

She nodded enthusiastically then we headed to the car and I opened her door.

While I drove towards the lake I realized I should ask her more questions about her likes and dislikes so she wouldn't be suspicious. I know a lot about her already because of my private investigators but I should ask so she doesn't think I've been investigating her.

"Coke or Pepsi?" I asked suddenly. She laughed and said "Coke duh."

"Ohh you're one of those huh" I laughed and held her hand as I drove. I could feel her looking at me every now and then as I drove and we talked but I pretended not to notice. When we finally got to the lake house I opened her door and showed her in the house.

"You own this?" She asked me.

"Yeah I bought it a couple years ago for when I need to relax you know" I said while smiling and looking around. "I'm usually never here but I have staff to keep everything in order."

"How did you make all your money? I mean, if you want share... I don't want to seem nosy" she said nervously.

I chuckled then shook my head, "well I've always been good at noticing what people need and want. It wasn't easy in the beginning but with my dad's help we built the company and made it what it is today..." I clenched my hands when I spoke of my father but I continued "first I began by improving farming through more efficient methods and now I'm basically involved in many different aspects of industry and communications as you know."

She seemed so interested in the conversation but I'm supposed to find things about her not the other way around so I distracted her by taking her outside.

I took a few shots of her by the lake then used the camera's timer to take some pictures of us together and we ended by going for a swim. It was definitely a good idea to wear my trunks under.

When she took off her summer dress I couldn't help but stare at how impressive she looked. Her skin was flawless and seemed to shine with the sun. Her beautiful hair flowed softly to her back and I almost got caught staring at her but luckily I turned my head around in time. I smirked when I did catch her ogling me though and stuck my tongue out before jumping in the lake.

After swimming for an hour and laying in the sun for a few more we went inside to get some food and cuddle up in the patio by the fire pit. "Did you enjoy today?" I asked her with a smile on my face while holding her close to my body.

"I most definitely did, maybe we can come back here sometime?" She asked hopeful.

"Anything you want baby" I smiled as I kissed her forehead and held her against my chest. "I am super comfortable here with you but we gotta go back, it'll be a little odd if we both don't show for work tomorrow"

I kissed her pouty lips to make her laugh then we picked up our stuff and headed back home. During our drive we took turns playing songs that we liked for each other and teased each other playfully about our music tastes. When we got to her place I walked her to the door as usual.

"Do you want me to pick you up for work tomorrow?" I asked her wanting to see her as soon as possible.

"Don't you come in after me?" She asked confused.

"Well I could go in a little earlier..."

She smiles widely and kisses my lips softly "you're the best ever you know?"

I laughed and kissed her back "I know, I'll pick you up a quarter before 7, sleep well"

We kissed each other good night then I finally headed home. On my way home I replayed the day's events in my head. I have her at my feet now, all I have to do is continue gaining her trust then have her tell me she loves me. At the same time that I work on our relationship I'll have people buy her paintings for me so she thinks her name is getting out there. I won't stop until she agrees to marry me and when she does, I'll break everything off and tell her the truth. I'll tell her I bought her paintings and she is no one in the art world, and more importantly I'll let her know I don't love her and never will because of what she did to my father. I tried to ignore the guilt gnawing at me. I know what I planned was cruel but she deserved it, no matter what it seems like I know she's hiding her true self from me right now.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! Do you think Alex should continue with his plan? Could Mia really be involved with her father? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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