Twenty-eight - Obstacles

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Alex's POV

I gulped my shot feeling slightly frustrated as I explained to Taylor for the tenth time that I could not love her after what she did to my family. The wedding would take place one day from today and Taylor and I decided to meet for the last time before then. I thought it would be just a guy's night out but Taylor decided to try to convince me to stop the plan again.

He really wants to convince me that I love her and while a large part of me agrees with him I would never say that out loud. I could not let him know that or we would be much more persistent and keep me from finishing my revenge.

"Bro for the last time! I don't love her, I couldn't after what she did" I said exasperated.

"Alex I've known you since we were kids man, I can see you're lying to yourself right now" he pleaded.

I was slightly drunk which is why I did what I did next, "I'll prove to you I don't love her."

He looked worried and said, "how?"

"Watch me," I said as I headed over to a beautiful girl dancing in the middle of the floor with a group of girls.

"Hey beautiful, care to dance with me?" I said smoothly.

She looked excited and impressed, "I would love to."

After that we danced a few songs, moving our bodies closer against each other as time moved on. I could tell she was a little tipsy too when we began kissing and I had to remind myself I was proving a point to Taylor. I did feel slightly repulsed as I kissed her because her lips were not sweet or soft like Mia's. I was frustrated with myself for thinking of Mia right now when I'm trying to show myself I don't love her like I think I do.

The girl wrapped her arms around my neck and tried making out with me which I only complied with because Taylor was watching. I guess we had been dancing for a while because the girl's friends asked her if she wanted to leave yet since they were leaving. She looked undecided so I offered to take her home.

"Uh yeah I'll stay a bit longer with him," she giggled as she talked to her friends.

We made out while dancing for a bit longer but all I could think of was how Mia would play with my hair as we danced and how her body fit perfectly against mine.

Taylor looked annoyed as he walked up to me, "can we talk for a minute?"

I nodded and told her I would be back in a second then followed Taylor, "convinced yet?"

"Yeah I am convinced, now can we go? I'm tired of seeing you suck face," he said obviously annoyed with me. I could tell he was really drunk and was only annoyed because he cared about my happiness.

"I can't, I'm taking her home with me. We can catch up later though?" As the words came out I felt guilty but I really wanted to convince him.

"Whatever man" he slurred as he left.

I went back to the girl whose name I still didn't know and headed outside with her as soon as I saw Taylor leave.

"Gosh so eager," she said giggling.

I tried to smile seductively and got in the car with her. As I headed to my place I could not help but wish that it was Mia with me. Her intoxicating smell was still lingering in my car but was being overpowered by this girl's overly sweet perfume. I kept comparing how Mia would glance at me sideways and how her laugh was the most adorable. As I got closer to my place I realized I was being a complete idiot. I did not want this girl and I would not use her like this just to prove a point. It was completely wrong to act like this and it just did not feel right.

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