Twenty-nine - Time

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Mia's POV

I could not believe my wedding would be tomorrow. The nerves were eating at me but the excitement that I felt somehow managed to keep me from having a breakdown. These last few weeks had been tough mostly because of the whole incident that took place when Alex and Taylor went to the bar.

The whole situation made things very tense between Alex and Taylor which made things awkward since he was the best man. I tried not to focus too much on that because it did no good to worry at this point.

"Mia stop thinking and just relax," Addison ordered as we left the spa. Even though it managed to calm my nerves while we were there, they were just as bad as before now that we were leaving.

"I am trying, it's just that things have been a little off between Alex and I. Don't get me wrong, we love each other. It's just that he feels a little distant since that day..." I said quietly.

"It'll be okay, it just takes some time to smoothen the situation and all you know?"

"I just feel like he thinks I don't trust him completely..."

"No that was just him trying to guilt trip you so you wouldn't think of him kissing someone else"

Thinking of that made me upset even though things were cleared up. "I know."

"Look, lets not worry about that now okay? Tomorrow is your big day! Aren't you excited?"

I couldn't help but smile as I thought of how beautiful it would all look and how by the end of tomorrow I would be Mrs. Kingston. "Yes! I am!"

She laughed as we got into the car and headed to her place. We were having a girl's sleepover tonight since I had already given up my apartment and I did not want to spend the night at Alex's place today. I wanted him to have one last night to himself before we got married.

The smile on my face grew wider as I kept thinking of how happy he made me. I could hear Addison talking about wedding details but all my mind could focus on was his smile.

Alex's POV

I drank my glass of wine in one gulp. The nerves were just getting to me today. Tomorrow I would break Mia's heart and my plan would be finalized. Everything I have been working towards will be done tomorrow and I will be a free man once again.

Those thoughts did not give me the relief I thought they would. I could not keep lying to myself. I loved this girl more than anything but I had a promise to keep. I drank another glass and ran my fingers through my hair. I could feel myself getting drunk which was not a good idea but at this point I did not really care. My phone kept buzzing and I know it was probably last minute wedding details but I just could not pick up the phone.

After tomorrow I would not get to see Mia smiling at me. I would not feel her delicate hand wrapped around mine. I would not hear her sweet laughter, or look into her warm eyes. I would never hear her say she loves me again. Having a future with her would be impossible after tomorrow.

I knew it was the right thing to do for my father but my heart literally felt like it was being stepped on every time I thought of not saying "I do."

I knew exactly what I had to do. I grabbed my keys and basically ran out the door then drove to the cemetery where my father lays. It was dusk and I had to really convince the guard for him to let me in for just fifteen minutes.

I kneeled down by my father's grave and felt like a small child all over again. "Dad....I miss you."

I knew he could not reply to me but the silence I got in response still astounded me. "I know I made a promise to you... and I want to keep it but she's the love of my life dad... please just give me a sign please tell me what to do"

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