Thirty - Many Firsts

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Alex's POV

I could not believe the happiness that I felt right now. It felt like it filled up my chest and my heart. My eyes would just follow Mia wherever she went. It was like she was a magnet.

I was sitting down talking to my aunts and uncles while Mia was dancing with her friends and cousins. I did not want to suffocate her by just being around her the whole time but my body was already missing her proximity.

I could see her laughing and having fun and her happiness was contagious. I excused myself and stood up then walked over to her when a slow song started playing.

I held my hand out to her asking her to dance and she immediately came to me placing her arms around my neck. I held her waist softly and we began to sway to the music while looking into each other's eyes.

Mia looked at me and said, "I love you Alexander."

"I love you Mia" I said honestly.

We danced while looking into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours but in reality was probably a few minutes.

We had already cut the cake and had our first dance. In reality the night was almost over now and I couldn't believe how amazing it had gone. I guess it just seemed so perfect because I never really expected it to happen since I thought I would have the guts to leave her at the altar. I quickly cut those negative thoughts off because I wanted to enjoy tonight.

I knew it was almost time for us to leave if we wanted to catch our flight in time. She did not know it yet because I kept it as a surprise but our honeymoon would be spent in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The big surprise would be that we'd be staying at one of the houses I bought. I haven't been able to spend much time there because I have been busy with work and with my plan but I hoped she would really like it. I chose that house not just because of its size and beauty but because it is next to the ocean and also very close to the vibrant Rio night life.

I kissed her forehead when the song ended, "it's time for us to leave babe, or we'll miss the flight."

She looked at me excitedly, "are you telling me where we are going now?"

I shook my head playfully, "you'll figure it out eventually."

She giggled and rolled her eyes then kissed my lips softly.

Her parents gave her an emotional but happy hug and I said my goodbyes to my family and friends. Our luggage was already in the car trunk so we'd only need to say goodbye, change our clothes and head to the airport. 

Mia's POV

I slipped my navy blue dress on and changed into more comfortable shoes then let my hair down. I was so incredibly happy and excited. I could not believe I was married to the most amazing man ever. My lips curled into a smile every time I thought of him.

I felt butterflies in my stomach as I headed back out to the party so we could leave to the airport. Alexander was already waiting for me wearing his khaki pants and a navy blue button down, his hair was styled neatly and he wore the most beautiful smile on his face.

I could tell my parents were emotional and to be honest I was too. This was a completely new chapter in my life now. The ring felt heavy on my finger to remind me of the commitment I now had with this person.

Alex took my hand as we walked to the car and I couldn't help but smile as I turned to see our family and friends looking at us happily.

When I was finally buckled in and Alex begin driving I held his hand. He looked at me with a crooked smile and kissed my hand.

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