Twenty - The Unexpected

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Warning: this chapter will contain some sexual references.
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Mia's POV

The need in his eyes gave me all the confidence I needed to straddle his waist and kiss his lips passionately. He managed to ask despite his shock, "what exactly is my gift?"

I looked at him for a few seconds then smiled down at him and kissed his jaw softly then whispered, "me."

His breath quickened and his hands which has been on my back slowly starting roaming my body and ended caressing my hips and thighs. I was breathing heavily mostly because of the nerves then slowly tugged at the hem of his shirt pulling it up. He sat up and helped me take off his shirt while looking at me. He turned us around so he was over me and began kissing my neck up and down slowly. I gasped at the feeling and brushed my fingertips down his chest to his fit  abdomen and lightly tugged at his pajama pants. He smiled against my neck then trailed kisses from my shoulder to my collarbone slowly taking my babydoll off.

I bit my lip nervously when I felt his bottom half pressed against my thigh and suddenly my whole body tensed and my heart quickened. Alexander was about to pull my babydoll off when he saw the look on my face that immediately stopped him in his tracks.

He let go of my clothes and gently stroked my cheek with his thumb, "what's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

I looked at him unable to answer because I was both embarrassed and scared.

"Are you okay? Baby please answer me" he begged.

"Yes I'm fine" I whispered so softly that I doubt he heard me.

He got off of me and helped me sit up then gently cradled me against his chest and looked into my eyes, "there's something wrong baby please tell me, I can see it in your eyes."

I looked at him and when I saw his worried face I couldn't help the tears that ran down my face. He looked bewildered when he saw that happen then he wiped my tears away with his thumb, "please tell me what's wrong Mia, you're scaring me"

"I'm sorry... I just... I haven't done this before and I... I'm scared... I don't want to" I said in between sobs.

He looked at me as if he didn't believe me but quickly composed his expression, "then why did you tell me you wanted to do it? I wasn't asking you to you know that right?"

I nodded and tried to wipe my tears but they just kept on coming, "I know but Annabel thought that you would love it as a gift because she said you love sex and you always do it in your relationships so I thought I should too because I don't want to not be able to give you everything you want..."

He looked utterly confused, "what does Annabel have to do with any of this??"

I sat up feeling completely embarrassed and ashamed then covered myself with the covers and tried to explain everything without looking up at him.

"When I went shopping for this trip I met with Annabel because she was supposed to help me, I also wanted to get you a gift but I couldn't think of what I could get you that you would love and you couldn't possibly already own, she suggested that I buy this... Outfit... To surprise you on this vacation"

"she told you to have sex with me to make me happy??"

"Well yeah sort of but she didn't know we hadn't done anything yet... She thought we had since you usually do that kind of stuff very early on in your relationships..."

He was quiet and I was too embarrassed to look up at him so I continued rambling, "don't be mad at her please I know she meant well, I really did want to well you know with you its just when I was younger I had bad experiences with my" and suddenly I stopped when I realized what I was saying.

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