Thirty four - Half truths

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Alex's POV

We were sitting in the car in the dark while it was parked outside. We had stopped in front of the beach on the way home because that always relaxed me. I wanted to tell Mia the truth but that was before I knew she was pregnant. What if what I say is too stressful for her and hurts our baby?

I want to get past the lies. I want to throw my plan away. I will tell her what happened to my dad and how but I won't put her in the story, I have serious doubts that she is the person that was with my dad. I know it's hard to find another explanation but there has to be... she's too good.

She was sitting next to me with her hands on her flat stomach waiting for me to say the truth. It had only been a few minutes since she'd been discharged from the hospital so I guess the news of her pregnancy were still difficult to absorb.

"Please tell me what you wanted to say."

"I will, I'm trying to see where to begin.."

She turned to me with her big blue eyes and said, "from the beginning please."

I nodded and bit my lip nervously, "It was when my dad past away. My dad and I we were close... very close. He was my best friend, my hero. The day that he died... he got home and began to pack, he told my mom he was leaving us for someone else who he was in love with. She cried and I begged him to think of what he was doing but he had made his decision. He was enchanted by some beautiful girl. Anyways... when he left the house, I followed him in the car. He drove to some house I don't remember where exactly but when we got there, before he even got off the car a girl sped away in a car. I guess it was his girlfriend because he followed her, she was driving fast and my dad sped up. To make the story shorter... well he lost control of the car and crashed. She saw it all happened I mean she was only a little bit ahead of us and she didn't stop. She drove away. I.. I took my dad out of the car and I held him, you know as he died." My voice began to crack because this was the most painful story I could tell. But she needed to know. I felt a tear escape my eyes and I held onto the steering wheel tighter.

"She didn't even call the ambulance, she just left... and my dad as he was dying he still said he loved her... I just couldn't come back from that. It's hard for me to trust women and that's why I act like this sometimes, hostile, I just couldn't come back from what happened and be the same trusting person. Happy Alex you know?"

"Your mom said you were obsessed with finding that woman..."

"Yes, I haven't. I have other things to focus on now, like this baby that's coming" I said gently touching her stomach.

"Why the prenuptial agreement? You lied and betrayed me with it."

"I'm sorry, I just thought that girl only wanted money from my dad so that's all women will want from me."

"That's the last thing I want from you"

"I know that."

"Why were you acting the way you were today? Pushing me around and hurting me?"

"I... there's no excuse for me acting like that, I just had a dream about my father, he was upset at me for failing him, instead of focusing on his killer... I went ahead and got married and am trying to be happy."

"Babe, you're dad wasn't killed... it was an accident, you do need to understand that."

"No! He wouldn't be dead if it wasn't for... for her."

"Honey you know that's not right... It was just an accident."

I clenched my jaw and ignored what she said because I did not want to be angry.

"So that's the whole story..."

She held my hand tightly and looked at me, "thank you for sharing that with me I know it's painful but we need honesty in our relationship ."

I nodded feeling guilty about leaving a large part out.

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