Four - First Day

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Mia's POV

I woke up at around 5 to shower, dry my hair, have a nice breakfast and get ready to work. I wore a beautiful white dress and heels because the uniform guidelines for work said I had to dress in black white beige or grey. This man definitely likes these elegant colors. I took a cab again to work and got there a couple minutes before seven. He was already waiting for me at the office when I knocked.

"Come in" he said. I opened the door tentatively then walked in, "Good morning Mr. Kingston."

He looked at me intensely for a couple seconds then shook his head lightly to clear his mind and said "Good morning Ms. Franco, here is your ID please keep it on at all times and here are your instructions for today. My previous secretary Savannah will train you today and tomorrow and after that you can ask me if you have questions."

"Of course," I said as soon as I heard a knock and a beautiful brunette walked in and said "Good morning Mr. Kingston and...?". I extended my arm for a handshake, "Mia Franco."

"Oh then I am here to train you, come on out. Excuse us Mr. Kingston."

He nodded his head and I followed Savannah. I couldn't shake him off my mind for a couple minutes. He was wearing a black sharp looking tuxedo with a dark grey tie. He looked like he had a rough night but despite that he looked like perfection.

I spent all day with Savannah trying to learn everything I needed to know from his dark coffee in the morning to his organized meetings and cleaning his office in the evening. She seemed to dislike me from the moment she saw me and I couldn't pinpoint why.

I tried to ignore her and focus on doing my job right because I needed the money. I mean yeah, I sold all of my online paintings yesterday but that only happened rarely and it wasn't enough. Well it had never happened before actually. Maybe my name was getting out there. I wonder who bought them. After a few hours Savannah told me I could grab my lunch break and I decided to sit on the benches outside. I really needed to grab some fresh air. The people in the office all seemed very uptight. I thought it was odd mostly girls worked there but I was okay with that.

I was deep in my thoughts when I felt a presence next to me and I quickly turned around to see a cute girl with light brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes.

She smiled widely and said "Hi, my name is Monica! I know you are Mia. Everyone's been talking about you today."

"Oh hey well that's great.. I don't like others gossiping about me."

"Don't worry it happens to every girl who comes in. Everyone here is trying to date Mr. Kingston but he keeps everything strictly professional. I mean yeah he is a player and all but that is only outside of work. I think that is why he's been so successful, I mean he is filthy rich and all."

"Well I am not here to date him I just really need the money... See I am a painter but I haven't really sold much of my art yet."

"Wow, that's awesome! But if you have no experience in this job I wonder why he hired you? We all went through intense interviews with tons of questions to even get in..."

"Oh really? I did not know that. I guess that's why everyone here doesn't like me."

I heard someone clearing their throat and as I turned around I was shocked to see no one other than Mr. Kingston himself. Monica looked shocked as well.

"Excuse me, I know you are on your lunch break but may I speak to you for a second Ms. Franco? Privately."

I nodded a little scared then Monica quickly excused herself and left. I did not want to get fired on my first day, hopefully he did not hear the uptight comment. He sat down elegantly then leaned back onto the bench and looked at the cloudy sky for a couple seconds.

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