Thirty-one - Trust

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Alex's POV

I had not been able to fall asleep since last night. The way that Mia reacted made me think she really had not been with anyone before... maybe she really hadn't and she just used her innocent look to make men fall in love with her. I kept replaying the call I made to my private investigator yesterday.

I needed him to confirm and explain details, I needed to make sure Mia was really the one that took my dad from me. After my dad's accident, his cell phone and laptop were recovered and the investigator tried to track Mia but the cell phone had been disconnected. The e-mail had already been deleted. It took so long to find her because her last name was nowhere to be found so it was difficult to track her down.

The only reason that we found her was because I saw her at the coffee shop and recognized her face. I had seen her through her rearview mirror as she sped away leaving my dad behind. After that day I was able to investigate her fully. That was when I found everything about her. It just didn't make sense how she disappeared after my dad. It also didn't make sense that she had to work for me in order to sustain herself. If she had taken money from men then why didn't she have any?

I was just confused and frustrated but the only thing I was sure about was that I saw her. I could never forget those eyes staring back at me. I know she's my wife now and I said I would forget about the plan but I still need her to admit that it was her. I need to find the truth. I just don't know how I would be able to do that and still stay with her after...

Soft footsteps distracted me from my thoughts and I turned around to see Mia. She looked nervous and slightly uncomfortable which was probably due to last night. She had already changed her clothes which made me wonder how long she'd been awake. She just stood a few feet away from me looking awkward probably trying to think of what to say when she finally said, "that was a long phone call."

"Yeah it was, how'd you sleep?"

"I slept fine, did you sleep?" She asked in a tone that let me know she knew the answer to that already.

"No, I had a little issue at work that I had to take care of. I decided to do it last night since you were already sleeping, I figured if I did it then I would have no distractions for the next few days."

She nodded slowly and bit her lip nervously. I wanted to comfort her but I was still thinking of how I should ask her about my dad. Would now be the best time? Or how long should I wait?

As I debated this in my head, I saw her quickly walk up towards me and sit on my lap as she wrapped her arms around me.

I held her on my lap gently and she snuggled up against my body as she said softly, "I'm sorry about last night..."

"You don't have to say sorry you know? But I would like to just talk about it so I can understand what is going on..."

She just stayed quiet and hugged me against her.

"Babe if you aren't ready that is okay but I know there is something more than that with the way you reacted..."

"I just told you I've never done it before..."

"That's the only reason?"

"Yeah and I just think of that one time in the alley when I almost..." her voice drifted off.

I held her closer and stroked her hair, "you know I wouldn't hurt you."

"I know, I'm not afraid of you, my body just reacts in a certain way..."

The co-pilot announced that we would be landing in fifteen minutes and we should begin to buckle up ending our conversation.

Once we landed in Rio, we were taken to the house where we'd be staying it. It was a beautiful two story white house on a small hill that faced the ocean. It was really more like a mansion because it was just huge. I honestly had not been here enough to know the house well so that would be interesting. There was a path that could take you down the hill towards the beach. My favorite part was the overwater bungalow that was part of the property. Really it was like a smaller separate house floating on the water.

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