One - A Coincidence

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Alexander's POV

I admired my girlfriend as she swayed her hips seductively and walked to the counter to pick up our cold coffees. We have been together for almost a month now which is pretty impressive for me because I rarely last more than two weeks with the same girl. I observed her feminine curves and wavy, long, blonde hair. Her legs looked delicious in those red heels. While I was distracted admiring my latest trophy, I failed to see that she was arguing with another girl over the drinks.

By the time I stood up and walked over to them, my girlfriend had poured the coffee over the other girl's silky blonde hair. I was shocked and embarrassed at my girlfriend's little tantrum.

"Mia why did you do that, what's going on?" I said in a controlled yet angry voice.

"I'm sorry babe... She was trying to take our drinks..." she softly purred to me.

Then I heard an delicate and melodic voice say "No, those were my drinks because I ordered first. My name is Mia too!" That was when I finally took the time to notice the beautiful human standing before my eyes. At first, I failed to recognize her because she was covered in iced coffee but when I saw who she was I had to gather every ounce of control I had so I would not explode violently. It was her. All the time I spent looking for her was useless. It seemed impossible for me to have met her randomly at a coffee shop without me trying.

Her dashing, bright blue eyes looked at me angrily and her full pink lips were slightly pouting. I suddenly felt the need to stroke her flushed cheeks, to caress her silky hair, to lightly place my arms around her. It disgusted me that I could feel that way after everything she had done. How could I possibly feel this way towards someone I hated so much even though we had never met in person?

"Hello Alex! Back to earth I'm right here you know?" My girlfriend Mia said in her typical whiny voice.

I lightly shook my head trying to clear my thoughts of the girl in front of me and said "Mia walk outside with me please."

"But baby..."

I ignored her and instead threw the girl a murderous glare. She seemed to flinch and slightly backed away. She would pay soon enough. I quickly walked outside with Mia.

How dare she embarrass me. I could not fathom why she would think I would tolerate something like that. For goodness sake I was one of the most well-respected and wanted businessmen in Los Angeles, California.

"Mia please don't contact me again after this. We are through."

"Baby no!"

As soon as I said those words I realized the coffee covered girl walked outside and heard our exchange. I backed away and got into my Mercedes then drove to my business leaving both girls there. My private investigator would definitely be getting a call today. I would not let this Mia girl escape once again.

Mia's POV

I could not believe this girl just poured MY coffee on me! I am usually shy and quiet but I definitely had to speak up after what she did. The worst part was that I met the most handsome man on this planet while I was drenched in coffee.

Granted he was an ass to his girlfriend but who wouldn't be an ass to someone as whiny as her right?

When he looked at me I truly felt my bones melting. I rarely have the courage to hold eye contact with a guy for more than a couple seconds but his eyes were enthralling. I felt trapped in those vibrant green orbs.

All I wanted to do was run my fingers through his bronze silky hair and touch those full lips. Everything about him seemed so elegant yet very masculine.

Even when he spoke his voice was lulling and charming. I would gladly do anything he asked if he used that voice. Well I would have gladly done anything but not after he stared at me like that. It seemed like he had hated me all his life but I had never even met him before. Just thinking about it made me shiver.

It sucks for his girlfriend that he broke up with her because of her little tantrum, but guys like him are usually players so she must have been expecting it. He wasn't worth to think about any longer.

I sighed and got on my rusty old bike then rode towards my small apartment. I really need to finish my paintings so I can sell them in time to pay my rent. Although I love painting I really can't afford to live off of my paintings.

As much as I hate it I will have to put painting off to the side for a little bit so I can go to my job interview tomorrow and make some money. That or I should get used to the idea of living on the streets. Damn.

I walked into my apartment then slipped my fingers into my back pocket and pulled the business card out. It read "Kingston Corporation" in an elegant, clear script. I guess I'll just attend the interview my friend Addison set up for me tomorrow.

I yawned exhausted. It had been a very long day so I got ready for bed and laid down. It took me a while to fall asleep though, my dreams were haunted by bright green eyes.

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