Twenty-five - His Past

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Mia's POV

"Alex it doesn't matter, I can work there at least until we marry."

"Mia please, you're my fiancée and soon you'll be my wife. You shouldn't be working for me anymore," he said exasperated.

"When we do marry I can look for another job then but you can't just tell me I can't work there anymore." We had been arguing over whether I should continue to work as his secretary or not. It has been a week since we came back from the vacation and all week he keep hinting at me that I should not work anymore. I didn't care how much money he had, I didn't feel that it was mine because I did not work for that so I did not want to be living off of him.

"Instead of focusing on the job you can focus all your attention on the wedding and your painting. August Braque told me that your exhibitions and paintings have been gaining massive popularity. He said your name is now trending among the art world. So why do you need to work?"

"When did he talk to you?" I thought August was supposed to discuss things with me only, I should be the one to tell Alex.

He seemed caught off guard, "uhm, I happened to see him the other day, anyways that's not the point. You just have a lot on your plate and I don't think you should be working anymore."

I knew I was being stubborn but I didn't want anyone to think that I just wanted to take his money now that I would be marrying him. He was right about having a lot on my plate though, the wedding was taking a lot of my time. Not only that but I had to make more paintings than I was used to in a short period of time since August needed them. "Fine, I won't work with you anymore."

He seemed happy that I finally gave in and said, "thank you babe, I knew you'd understand. I will take care of everything you need alright?"

"No, I won't work with you but at least until we marry I will take care of myself. I have money saved up and my paintings are selling really well so I will live off of that."

He rolled his eyes obviously frustrated with me but I would not budge this time. All of a sudden his phone started ringing and he answered in a snappy tone, "what?"

I tried to take a few deep breaths to relax while he talked and continued ordering things online for the wedding.

"Why now? You've met her already," he was definitely annoyed.

I finished paying for the things in the online cart and updated my social media since August said that would help a lot with my popularity.

"Fine, yeah we will be there" he said bluntly and hung up then looked at me. "Are you busy for the rest of the day?"

"I'm not, why?"

"Mom wants you to spend the afternoon at the house. They know about the wedding and are really excited. I guess she wants to celebrate and bond with you."

"That sounds like fun. I'd love to go," I said trying to sound enthusiastic even though I was dreading an afternoon with him in this mood.

The drive to his house was quiet to say the least. I don't think he was mad, but there was something wrong. As if he was having an internal battle.

Annabel unlocked the door and embraced me as soon as she saw me, "I'm so happy for both of you!!!"

"Thank you Annabel!"

I hugged and said hello to his mother as well. William was not home today and would not be until a week before the wedding. The house felt empty, maybe because it was too big or maybe because they still mourned the loss of his father.

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