Twenty-two - Paradise

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Mia's POV

The heat on my back woke me up. Some sun rays were coming in through the blinds and falling across my body. However the major heat source was Alex's arm draped over my body. I looked at his peaceful, sleeping face and held the need to gently stroke it for fear of waking him. I knew he rarely got to sleep in and I didn't want to wake him up on one of the unusual occasions that he did. I listened to his even breaths and smiled as I took the time to appreciate his features. It was only on rare occasions that I got to look at him from this close without him knowing. I admired his long lashes and full lips, his straight nose and chiseled jaw.

After a few minutes of admiring his face he groaned softly and stretched as he opened his eyes. I smiled at him and said "good morning honey."

"Good morning beautiful" he said in the husky voice he has when he wakes up.

I cuddled up to him and smiled because he smelled delicious. He asked, "how long have you been up?"

"Only a few minutes."

"What were you doing?"

"Admiring your face."

He laughed and slowly sat up which allowed me to admire his broad chest and fit abdomen since he was shirtless.

"What do you say to breakfast and then snorkeling, walks on the beach and dancing at a local club tonight?"

I thought about the schedule for a bit and was excited, "sounds like a great plan!" Even though I knew it was a lot to do in a day, I did not want to waste any time together since I knew we only had tomorrow left.

I looked at the beautiful man grinning a few inches away from mine and my heart was full. I scooted closer to hug him and kiss his sweet face all over. He laughed and hugged me back then kissed my lips in a slow kiss full of emotion.

I decided it was time to get out of bed or we would end up just cuddling all day in bed. Not that there was anything wrong with that...

I got up before I changed my mind and saw him follow my lead.

I walked into change into the bathroom and ended up with a baby blue bikini that made my eyes pop, white sandals and shorts. I decided to wear an unbuttoned white shirt and put on my sunglasses. I added just a touch of pink lipgloss and smiled at myself in the mirror.

As I walked out, I couldn't help but admire Alexander and his style. He was wearing striped grey and baby blue swimming trunks, a white button down with sunglasses hanging from it, brown sandals and a brown fedora hat.

He started laughing when he saw me so I said, "what?"

"We match baby."

I looked at him and me then realized that we did and replied with "great minds thinks alike" as I stuck my tongue out.

We decided to get breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel which had a beautiful view of the beach. We were both in the mood for pancakes and I learned that his favorite kind had chocolate chips in them.

He was in a very good mood today and I knew that because he kept smiling and making jokes. I loved this carefree version of my Alex.

I burst out laughing when he decided he wanted to squirt some whipped cream on his tongue. It wasn't exactly a hilarious move but I just never imagined him being so childish. He is usually so serious in his suit and boss chair that I never really get to see this side of him.

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