Twelve - Confessions

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Mia's POV

Alex was hugging me close to him and stroking my hair while we sat on the sand under the warmth of the sun. I faintly heard the sound of the waves while I cuddled up to him but suddenly a loud beeping noise was occurring. I opened my eyes and felt slightly sad that it had all been a dream. I quickly got up for work and began to get ready. As I brushed my teeth I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't help but notice how different I looked. Today Alex and I are officially together for three months. My lips automatically curve up into a smile when I think of him. My face looked like it was glowing and my eyes were shining with love.

As I was finishing my makeup I heard a knock on the door and went to open it for Alex. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tight surprising him. He laughed and said, "good morning, you're very excited to see me today huh?"

I nodded enthusiastically and kissed his lips softly. On the way to work he kept smiling and I knew he had something planned. "Why do you keep smiling like a little kid during Christmas?"

He laughed at me and said "because I am a very lucky man."

"Oh are you now?"

"Mmhm, I have you of course I'm lucky."

I giggled then held his hand, "spill your guts, I know you're hiding something."

He laughed at me, "alright alright you got me, I want us to go to a special place tonight to celebrate, if that's okay?"

"Of course baby I'd love to!"

"I love it when you call me baby you know"

"I know" I smiled.

While we were at work I barely saw him because he was so busy. Apparently they were closing some important deal and he wouldn't be able to leave until he was done.

It was already half an hour past seven and he said the latest we would stay would be seven. I remember his words clearly, "baby I'll be a little busy tonight so I might have to stay late but the latest I'll stay is seven, can you wait here for me? I don't want you to go home alone and if you stay we can go from here."

I tried to busy myself and get a head start on things I needed to do Monday since we have the weekend off. I even decided to reorganize my desk space and when I looked at the time it was already 8:30. He probably was super busy he didn't even have time to respond to my text asking him if he'd stay much longer.

I suppose we won't be going anywhere tonight and I really can't stay in this office waiting much longer. Since it's Friday everyone already left and the place is eerie. I put on my coat and picked up my belongings then headed outside making sure to take all I need because once I walk out the door is locked and I can't head back in.

I walked outside to wait for a bus when it hit me. The last bus drives through at 8 which means I will have to walk home now. At least it's not too far. I decided to start walking but I felt very uneasy as if something would happen but I think it is just because I got used to Alex always driving me.

I was about three blocks away from my house when a chill ran up my spine and I felt a pair of eyes on me, I looked around but nobody was there. I began to walk faster and as I moved forward I spotted a shadow heading towards me. I hesitated thinking I should run back the other way but I froze when I saw he was too close.

It was a young looking guy with blonde hair. I attempted to cross the sidewalk but he stepped in front of me and looked me right in the eye as he threatened, "don't you dare make a sound, be a good girl and you'll be just fine."

I couldn't breathe or talk or even move. All I could do was stare at him with frightened eyes, all the years I had spent in personal defense disappeared in that second. He grabbed my waist and I felt something pointy at my back which I assumed was a knife. He started pushing me towards an alley and tears begin to roll out of my eyes thinking this was it. I was beginning to block everything out and make myself stop thinking when I heard a faint car in the distance.

I saw headlights against the wall the guy was pushing me against and I almost puked when I felt his lips on my neck.

"Hey!! Let her go!!" The voice of my own personal angel yelled and suddenly the lips were off my neck. I heard something crack and that made me open my eyes to see Alexander on top of the guy beating him with a vicious look on his face. The guy tried to stab him but Alexander managed to move and disarm him then knock him out cold with another punch.

Seeing him like this scared me. He looked more than angry, the vein on his neck and on his forehead was protruding from his skin like when he's mad and his jaw was clenched. I could see his bloodied hands shaking from anger. I whispered softly while scooting back against the wall because his anger was terrifying me almost as much as that disgusting man. That seemed to distract him and he turned to look at me then shock was written over all of his face. The shock turned to horror and then guilt in a matter of seconds. He quickly moved over towards me and that made me push back against the wall even more.

He softly said, "I'm sorry, it's me Alex, I won't hurt you..."

His voice was my undoing, I could not help the tears spilling out of my eyes and the sobs escaping my throat.  He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight then he gently carried me towards his car putting on my seatbelt and driving away completely forgetting the guy on the floor.

He kept muttering reassuring words and holding my hand as he drove towards my place. Once we got there he carried me into the house then gently placed me in the bed. "I want to shower" I said in between sobs because I felt so dirty. He nodded and helped me in the bathroom then he asked gently, "do you need help?"

I blushed and shook my head to what he said, "okay I'm going to stay out here if you need anything."

I took my time showering trying to relax and stop my tears. I decided to dry my hair and brush it then put on warm pajamas. When I walked out I saw a glass of water on the bedside table. "Do you want to eat anything?" He asked worried. 

I shook my head feeling like I could not talk without crying then drank some of the cold water.

"You need to rest sweetheart, I know this might not feel like the best time but I need to ask, do you want to report the attack to the police? I can get it all done for you without you needing to worry." I slowly nodded and got into bed.

"May I lay with you?" I looked at him and nodded again then he laid down and cuddled up to me over the covers. I laid my head on his chest and hugged him tight while he stroked my hair comforting me. I tried to relax by listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat and the last thing I heard him say as I fell asleep was "I love you."

Alex's POV

I stroked her soft hair gently and held her against my chest. The guilt was eating me up and I could do nothing other than hold her. If I hadn't stayed at work so late... I had been busy closing an important deal but I could've left somebody else in charge. I didn't want to let anyone else do it which is why I stayed thinking she would be safe in the office but I should have known she would leave when it became too late.

These streets are usually pretty safe but still, criminals are everywhere. She cuddled me up in her sleep. When I saw them I didn't even realize it was her, I had just been driving down the street looking for her in case she was out there when I suddenly saw a guy bending down over a wall. Thinking he might be hurt I decided to step out and help then I saw a woman under him and that's when I knew he was up to no good. I could not control my anger because it pisses me off when people take advantage of others who are more vulnerable. After I beat him up a soft heartbreaking whimper made me turn and I realized it was Mia. I felt all the blood leaving my body when I realized what was happening. It broke my heart seeing her pushed against the wall, so fragile, terrified and vulnerable. I felt so guilty because I knew I had scared her and she backed away as I tried to hug her.

Now that she's here in bed with me safe and warm I never want to let her go again. She looks so peaceful  and beautiful sleeping, like an angel. I looked at her and I felt my heart clench, If I can't tolerate the thought of anyone hurting her there is no way I can hurt her deliberately. I love my father and I need justice for him but this matter how often I remind myself that I must hate her and hurt her back, all I want to do is care for her. My heart aches for my father but also for her. I looked at her and without thinking I softly muttered, "I love you" and fell into restless sleep. 

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