Thirteen - This is it.

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Mia's POV

I was running...trying to scream but no words would leave my mouth. I felt like I was screaming underwater struggling to come back up for air but never reaching the surface because something was weighing me down. Somewhere in the distance I heard somebody yelling my name then I abruptly gasped for air and opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was Alex's concerned face over me comforting me by saying "Mia, baby it's just a bad dream, you're okay."

I wrapped my arms around him pulling him close to me and could not help but instantly feel better.

He lightly stroked my hair and looked at me with worry, "are you okay now baby?"

"Yeah, I'm okay now, it was only a nightmare" I said wide awake.

He laid down next to me without letting me go and kissed my forehead, "would you like to talk about it?"

"Not now" I shook my head and held him close while trying to forget about the suffocating feeling. After a few minutes I remembered what had happened last night right before I fell asleep. It could have been my overactive mind but I was almost sure Alex had confessed his love to me. I bit my lip anxiously and could not help the hopeful smile appearing on my lips as I softy asked, "did you mean what you said last night?"

I felt him tense against me for what felt like an eternity then he seemed to relax so I looked up to see he had a small smile on his face as he said "of course I did, why would I not?"

I could not help my smile getting bigger and bigger then he kissed my lips softly and said "I love you" making me feel like I was in heaven.

I blushed a little as he looked at me then I softly whispered "I love you too"

He laughed softly, "why do you say it like its a sin or  a crime?"

I bit my lip nervously, "I'm just shy you know that, but I mean it too"

The smile fell from his face for only a fraction of a second then he sat up and held his hand out for me, "See I am so nice I will cook breakfast for you, your options are cereal...a granola bar or food poisoning."

I laughed at him and shook my head while standing up, "How about I make breakfast and you clean?"

He faked being hurt then nodded "as you wish."

Alex's POV

She looks like an innocent angel when she sleeps. I barely got any sleep last night thinking of her and how she makes me feel. I know I am in love with her but I also know that she is pretending to be someone she is not. Technically I am not betraying my father because even though I love her, I am not in love with the real Mia. This kind and loving girl is not who she really is which means I am not really in love with her, just with her false pretense.

As I watched her, her calm demeanor turned to a fearful one and I gently shook her to wake her up from her nightmare.

"Mia, baby, wake up."

Her expression became more terrified making my heart ache, "Baby wake up! Mia"

In a second her beautiful eyes were looking up at me as she gasped to catch her breath, "It is okay baby, you're okay now it was only a bad dream, I'm here."

I felt her arms around me and her body relaxing as I stroked her hair, "are you okay now baby?"

Her sweet voice softly said "Yeah I am okay now, it was only a bad dream" and I felt much better knowing she was not scared anymore. I wonder what she was dreaming about but my best guess would be about last night's unfortunate event.

"Would you like to talk about it?"

I felt her cuddling up to me and gently stroked her back as she said "Not now...did you mean what you said last night?"

This was it. If I told her I did not I know that there was no way I could get her to trust me again and If i wanted my plan to work I needed her trust. If I tell her I did mean it then even if I decided I wanted to forget about my plan later on, hurting her would be inevitable. She would be heartbroken when I told her we could never be together because of what she did to my family. Although I am scared to tell her I love her because then I might want to forget about my plan to hurt her I smile and say "of course I meant it, why would I not?"

There was no going back now. Of course I love her, but only because she is pretending to be someone she is not. I will not forgive her for what she did and my plans stays strong.

As I thought about my dad I felt anger building up inside me and I buried it within me so that I could withstand kissing her lips softly.

I heard her say "I love you too" in a scared hushed tone accompanied by a delightful blush and I felt a tug at my heart.

I asked, "why do you say it like it's a sin or a crime?"

"I am just shy, you know that, but I meant it too."

I am sure she pretends to be a shy, innocent girl with all her victims but even then I feel things for her. I try to ignore my maddening thoughts and joke, "See I am so nice I will cook breakfast for you, your options are cereal...a granola bar or food poisoning."

She makes a fake scared face and giggles "How about I make breakfast and you clean?"

I am actually glad she offered because I cannot cook but fake sadness, "as you wish."

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