Thirty-two Honeymoon Period

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Mia's POV

I leaned my head back with my eyes closed while laying on the soft, warm sand. Our luggage had already been placed in the car and I was enjoying the last few minutes of paradise before we had to go back home.

To be honest our time here flew by probably because I was enjoying Alex's warm presence and touch. I wanted to stay longer but I could tell Alex was getting stressed out over the amount of work that awaited him when we got back. The longer we were here, the larger the pile grew.


"Coming" I said as I stood up unenthusiastically and shook the sand off of me.

He was leaning against the car looking absolutely gorgeous as always. I walked up to his open arms and he kissed my forehead after he said, "I promise you we can come back soon alright? This is our house after all"

I nodded with a small smile because I appreciated his words. The ride back consisted of sleeping on my end for the most part because I had been very tired lately. Alex on the other hand was working on his laptop for most of the flight which I didn't mind because I know he had been out for a long time.

When we finally got to our house I walked in feeling a little strange. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that this was where I would live now. Especially because this place just looked so fancy and sleek. It was like it wasn't even lived in. Everything was in its place and dust could not be seen anywhere.

Alex kissed my cheek as I looked around and hugged me from behind, "welcome to your new home, love."

"Thank you babe," I said while smiling and looking around.

Alex had already shown me around the house before but that didn't stop him from giving me another tour since he said he had made some changes. First he showed me the kitchen and the dining room then the living room which had a huge TV. After that we quickly glanced at the two guest bedrooms on the same floor. We then went upstairs to look at our bedroom which was way too big for two people. He had a second living room here but this one only contained books everywhere, it was more of a small library. After that he opened a door that led to his office and photo studio. I couldn't believe he had that in here since I hadn't seen it before. He showed me the balcony that looked over the backyard and I was amazed at the garden's beauty. The last room on the floor was a surprise that he had for me.

"Here you go," he said as he gave me a key.

"Why is it locked?"

"Because it's your room, your safe space."

I smiled at him and unlocked the door then stepped inside. My mouth fell open. The room was covered with painting materials and had the most beautiful view. It was literally an artist's dream come true. I ran up to hug him and he  chuckled.

I knew there was a basement which basically included a safe room and small entertainment room which to me appeared more like a man cave but I wasn't too interested in exploring the rest of the house because I wanted to begin painting.

He kissed my cheek and smiled widely at me, "I'm glad you like it"

"I can't wait to paint!"

"I see, your fingers are literally twitching," he laughed.

"I know I am very excited," I said as a grabbed a brush.

"Well let me not keep you from it, I do have to head to the office anyways, I'll be back before bedtime."

"Okay babe, I love you!"

He kissed me sweetly then left the room leaving me to enclose myself in my bubble.

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