Chapter 30

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Jeremy's (Mr Sumpter) POV -

I waited until Gerard had been gone five minutes until I walked towards the empty drive way. Five minutes would give him enough time to remember if he'd forgotten something, and come back. I also happened to notice the fact he left the key in the hanging flower pot on their porch. Typical. The door opened with obvious ease and I quietly listened to see the coast was clear. The house was empty. 

Billie's POV - 

"Okay. Everyone's gone, it's time to leave." I pulled a weak Bronty to her feet, she struggled to stand and let her whole body be held up by mine. "Come on, B. Lets get this finished." We shuffled towards the attic door, I pulled on the handle, only to find it was locked. He must have locked it after he found I had broken out of the ropes. "Shit." I muttered to myself.

"What about the window?" Bronty suggested, glancing over to the dirty window. I almost ran over to it and stiffly pushed it open. Then I pulled some storage boxes over to the window so that I could peer out. 

"It's too steep, we'll fall instantly. But I'll try and climb down, and then come back for you."

"Billie, please don't leave me." Bronty cried. 

"We have to get out of here, B. There's no other way." She nodded and I proceeded to climb the boxes once again.

"Wait, Billie." I sighed, my arms ready to push myself out. "Can you hear that?"

"Bronty, we don't have time for your messing around." I turned to face her glare.

"I'm not! There's someone downstairs." She crawled closer to the door. "You saw him leave didn't you?!" She asked, frantically trying to get back to her original spot in the corner.

 "Of course I did, I didn't leave the window until Gerard left." I turned to jump off the boxes, only for them to stumble underneath me. I landed on the ground with a crash and a soaring pain through my ankle. 

Jeremy's POV- 

Okay, that noise wasn't me. Quietly, I closed the Way photo album and placed it back in the cupboard. The bang definitely came from upstairs. My hand rested on the bannister, pulling myself up the stairs. I kept my ears 'open', I could hear scuttling and cries of what seemed like, pain? Once I reached the top, my gaze turned to each of the rooms. The doors were either shut or revealing a large bedroom and a bathroom. I opened the three closed doors and guessed they belonged to Mikey, Gerard and an ordinary spare bedroom. Mikey's room proved un-suspicious, posters were stuck to the walls and piles of clothes lay dotted around his floor. The noises continued, and I found them coming from above me. The attic. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and prepared to call for back up if it was needed. 

The opening to the attic had a small padlock on it. Strange, people don't usually want to keep their Christmas decorations under lock and key. Knowing there was an office downstairs, I quickly legged it and after searching, returned with a paper clip. Part of my training required picking locks, it had never been a useful skill, until now. The padlock clicked open and I removed it, throwing it on the floor. I undid the latch and pulled the ladder down.

Bronty's POV

15 minutes earlier...

"Billie! Are you okay? Stupid question, just hang on." he groaned in pain beneath me. I rubbed his shoulders to soothe him. Billie sobbed beneath me, clutching his ankle. I heard the same noises I heard before, but this time it was closer. Shuffling around, the stairs creaking, bedroom doors opening. My eyes burned with the tears that were forming. I feared it was Mikey, home to give us yet another beating. It was too early; he wouldn't be home from school yet. My positive thoughts seemed to disappear as the familiar noise of the padlock opening sounded through the floorboards. The door opened and the ladder vanished, a figure climbed through the gap, showing the recognizable face of... Mr Sumpter? 


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