Chapter 26

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After my slight conversation with Mr Sumpter I went back to my last few classes. I hadn't heard from Billie or Bronty in at least a week. It was so strange for them not to call or even text me.

"Hey Millie" I turned around to face Gerard, his head wrapped in a bandage. His smile was not faltering though.

"Oh, hey Gerard." He walked beside me, his rucksack hanging on his shoulder. "What happened to your head?"

"I..uh may have fallen down Bronty's stairs, at speed." I raised my eyebrows when I glanced at his right arm that was covered in an elastic bandage. "It means I don't have to do PE because the doctor was worried about my condition, so its not all bad."

"Jeez Gee. Have you heard from Bronty? While we're on the subject." He shook his head and gazed at the floor.

"Not since the accident, she tried to call 999 but her home phone wouldn't work and then I fainted. Before it went black though, I thought I heard.. no never mind that's a stupid thought." he laughed nervously and scratched the back of his neck.

"You thought you heard what?"

"It doesn't matter, I've got a music date with the guys." he began walking quickly down the stairs searching for his brothers car.

"Wait! Mikey invited me to watch you all." he paused, waiting for me to catch up. Mikey was already waiting by his car for Gerard and I. He ran to open the passenger door and Gerard smiled gratefully.

"Aw thanks. You're so kind." he went to sit in the seat, before Mikey grabbed him harshly by the shoulder.

"I opened it for Millie." he glared at his brother who gulped anxiously.

"It's okay, it might be easier for Gee to sit in the front with his head and his arm wrapped up like a freaking mummy." That earned a 'seriously' look from Gerard but he smugly grinned and shrugged at his brother before carrying on making his way to the front seat. Mikey shoved him back roughly again. "Mikey!" I stared in shock. He looked over to me and his gaze softened, until he looked back at his brother.

"Fine." Mikey stormed over to the drivers side and slammed the door shut after getting in. Gerard and I both rolled our eyes as we hopped into the car. The journey was silent on the way to the BP house. Mikey refused to move his stone hard gaze from the road, his knuckles clearly turning pale showing how hard he was clutching the wheel. All Time Low hummed quietly on the radio and Gee murmured along to the words.

What is causing Mikey to act like this? He was never violent, possessive or angry. My shock over the earlier events caused them to remain in my mind, but suddenly all thoughts were flung out of the window as we swerved to a halt. The familiar sight of the BP house comforted me and I assisted Gerard to get onto his own two feet.

"Home sweet home." he breathed a sigh of relief and I questioned him with my eyes. "This is more of my home than my 'home'." He used his hands as quotation marks. "I can actually be myself here." I nodded in understanding. We all grabbed our bags and soon enough were greeted by the other guys. They threw the door open and bounded down the garden, engulfing us in a suffocating hug.

"He-y guys." I voiced and Ray chuckled. "We only saw you at break time." I reminded them.

"It's far too long." Frank replied, and he.. sniffed my hair? "You still smell of strawberries." I rolled my eyes at his random, and frankly creepy comment and we all manoeuvred inside. Mikey smiled down at me and rested his arm across my shoulders. I side hugged him and I realised that I had missed the normal, content feeling between us. The guys immediately went to the music room but I was pulled aside into the kitchen.

"I have some really exciting news, and I've been waiting to tell you since lunch." he grinned, joy clearly written all over his face. I nodded encouraging him to tell me. "We have our first show on Saturday!" he basically screamed the news.

"OH MY GOD! THAT'S AMAZING!" I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him deeply into a hug. He picked me up and squeezed me so tightly I thought I might pop, but I didn't care. Then realisation dawned. "Green day have a show as well on Saturday?" I've never missed a single Green Day concert. Not one.

"Well that's why we're playing. It's like a big concert where lots of new or not as well known bands play, and Green Day were originally going as one of the main acts because they're more popular. But the producers and band mates hadn't heard anything from Billie, and we were next on the waiting list so we're going instead." he sighed when he saw my expression. Obviously I was ecstatic for My Chemical Romance but I was worried about Billie. It didn't make any sense as to why he wasn't here, he's one of my best friends and he hasn't even told me where he is. "Will you come? To our first concert." he stared at me now with calm eyes. I nodded and he hugged me again.

"Are you love birds coming or nah? We have a show to prepare for." Frank said as he smugly stuck his head around the door frame. Mikey took my hand and pulled me to the music room. I took a seat on a small stool that stood awkwardly by the door. They all resumed their positions and began to play. I took a peak at the music sheet and understood this song was called 'The Ghost of You'. A song that I had, of course, not heard before but it boomed through the small room and probably every other room in the neighbourhood. But neither I or they cared. They were caught up in something they loved and I couldn't help but stare in admiration at the man playing the bass. Someone who made me nervous, yet happy and care free. And as he played, he never took his eyes off of me.

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