Chapter 23

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I find this picture so cute!

Anyway this is a filler chapter but still has a fair bit of tension so here ya go!


Millies POV

I knocked on the Way's door, embarrassingly nervous about meeting Mikey and Gerard's parents. I knocked again, now becoming impatient. Where was he? I played with the hem of my dress when suddenly a silver car emerged from one end of the street. The horn honked announcing its arrival onto the driveway. I can only imagine it was their parents who climbed out of the car, staring at me in confusion, until suddenly their mother squealed in excitement.

"Millie! I'm so sorry, I forgot you were coming. It's been an awfully long drive home. Hopefully Mikey has been cooking, he's our own little chef." She grinned with pride. "I'm Donna, by the way. And this is my husband Donald."

She turned to face the medium sized man who held his hand out. I'm laughing hysterically in my head right now, DONNA AND DONALD! I shook it reluctantly, cringing at the contact. They unlocked the door and the smell of cooking engulfed my nostrils.

A figure with a bright smile rushed towards us, wrapping us all in a group hug. Well this is awkward. "Hello to you too, Mikey." I muffled against his dads chest. His mum giggled along with Mikey who let go immediately.

"I've made dinner!" he blushed and hurriedly led me through to their dining room. It wasn't too small, it could fit a table with 4 chairs underneath it. A random potted plant was in the corner of the room along with a cabinet covered in family photos and a large window facing the street. I turned around to see Mikey talking to his parents, presumably catching up on their trip to see the relatives.

"Take a seat, Millie." Mikeys father said cheerfully and walked out again. I sat alone at the table, I could hear raised voices coming from the kitchen. Maybe Mikey hadn't told his parents I was coming? That would definitely be awkward. My thoughts were interrupted when Donna and Donald waltzed into the room with forced smiles. Their eyes looked almost, worried?

"Would you like a drink?" Donna asked nervously. I nodded and once again fiddled with my dress.

"Just water, please." I gave her a polite smile as she left the room quickly, leaving me with Donald. He wore a troubled expression. Okay this was getting really awkward. "So.. how was your trip?"

"It was great! We haven't seen our family since way before we moved here." He smiled at me. I wanted to know why he hated Gerard and Mikey playing music so much, so I subtly carried on with my questions.

"Oh, why's that?" He placed both hands on the table, and played with his napkin.

"Um.. Just a few, family problems, I guess. Just the usual" He said, watching and waiting for the food to arrive.

"Must have been pretty big to move all the way out here." I said resting my chin in my palm. His eyes narrowed at me, his eyebrows coming closer together. He opened his mouth to speak but Mikey appeared with a bowl of pasta. Donna placed my water next to me and they sat down.

Mikey was opposite me and Donna sat across from Donald. He was eyeing me suspiciously. "This looks great Mikey!" I said excitedly, hoping to tear his fathers eyes off of me. He beamed at me and gave me a generous helping.

Soon enough we were all eating, various murmurs of how good the food was, sounded around the table.

"Millie's friend is in a band." Mikey said suddenly, slurping spaghetti from his fork. His parents nodded and looked at me, waiting for me to explain more.

"Billie loves his music, he rehearses every weekend with two others." I smiled when I thought of Billie. And how he hasn't text or called me since that night. "I haven't talked to him in a while actually." I hadn't realised I had voiced my thoughts until Mikey cleared his throat. Everyone continued eating. "Mikey and Gerard love their -" BANG!

"What was that?" Donna asked. Placing her fork on her plate. Mikey shrugged and stood up,

"I better go check everything is alright." He announced.

"I'll come with you." I offered.

"No! I.. uh.. no. You stay here."

"Mikey there's no need to be rude, sit down it can wait." Donald patted the space next to him. Another thump came from somewhere in the house.

"I should really go check it out. I will be back in a minute." He looked frantic and dashed out of the room. Followed by Donna and Donald. I continued to sit and listen to the hushed arguing from the hallway. I stood up and walked towards the door. All 6 eyes turned to face me.

"I'm going to go home. Thanks for the meal, I hope I didn't inconvenience you too much." I huffed and strutted outside. My heels clacking underneath me.

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