Chapter 2

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Millies POV-

Still crouching on the floor, I grabbed my phone and saw Bronty was ringing me. Bronty has been my friend since we were about 3 years old, along with Billie who lives next door on the other side. I answered the phone and was met with shouting,

"OH MY ACTUAL GOSH MILLIE! Who are those Gods who just moved in next to you?" Bronty squealed from the other end. I rolled my eyes as I collapsed in a heap on the floor.

"I don't know, why don't you go ask them?" I replied. There was no answer so after a few minutes I invited her round my house and told her to bring Billie.

"OKAY!" she hung up and after another quick peak out of window, went to clean my teeth. Panic! At The Disco blared from my speakers and I danced around my room (wearing my unicorn pyjamas because why not) in rhythm to Collar Full - my favourite song. A loud knock on the window distracted me from singing the chorus. When I turned around to face the person who had rudely interrupted me, I felt my mouth drop as he held his phone to the window. It flashed and I suddenly realised he had taken a photo.

"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies!" he shouted as he ran back towards the newly bought house. My mouth still hung open and his figure disappeared from view. I stood extremely embarrassed but a brief, enthusiastic knock at my door disrupted my thoughts. I yelled that it was open and within minutes Billie and Bronty were in my room. I hugged Billie as he smiled down at my choice of outfit. Bronty looked like she was about to faint she was so ecstatic.

"What happened? Did Dan and Phil do a new video?" she rapidly shook her head,

"I SPOKE TO GERARD!" I looked at her confused.

"Who's Gerard?" I asked.

"Your neighbour, duh! His red hair is so dreamy" she went off into her own daydream and then said "He's just moved here with his family. His brother is called Mikey who is so awesome. Gerard is really nice and his parents are really cool. They're going to the same college as us!" Great, I haven't even met them yet but after this mornings events I can tell we are all going to get on just great - note the sarcasm. Billie, who hadn't spoken since they got here, took his ear phones out and rolled his eyes,

"You are so weird Bronty. You should have seen the way Gerard was looking at you" he laughed and Bronty glared at him,

"What do you mean?" she asked and Billie's expression changed from amused to scared.

"He just looked a bit. Worried. When you spoke. I think you were staring a bit too much", the silence dragged on and I shuffled them out of the room and told them to wait whilst I got changed. My parents worked away a lot and seeing as my brother was travelling all the time I had the house to myself. I pulled my black skinny jeans off of the floor along with a black sweater. My shoes were downstairs seeing as my mum had a no shoes policy. We all sprinted down the stairs and I pulled on my shoes as we made our way to Billie's car. We usually drove to town just to walk around and drink tea from Costa's, 5 Seconds of Summer loudly rang from the radio and we all sang along until we parked. Bronty hummed 'Don't Stop' loudly and Billie was looking at people. Just as we turned the corner into Pound Land my body crashed into a tall, lanky figure and a pair of strong hands gripped my shoulders before I fell.

"Oh, hey again Gerard and Mikey!" Bronty grinned.

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