Chapter 15

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"Sooo how were your first lessons as a year 12?", Billie asked as he slouched on his seat next to me.

"Well I had Mr Corlans for DT, and then Mr McBrundle for Psychology. The lessons weren't so bad but the teachers are complete peanuts."

"Peanuts?! That's the best insult you can come up with? Damn Millie I need to educate you" Billie gave his iconic smirk, and I rolled my eyes towards the direction in which the rest of the gang were coming from. Bronty ran to squeeze in beside me, Gerard sat next to her followed by Mikey, Frank, Bob then Ray awkwardly perched on the end. We were all squished.

"Hey guys. How was your first class?" I squeaked.

"It was great, we all have music together which is weird but amazing!" Gerard replied.

"Yeah our teacher isn't bad looking either." Frank winked, nudging Mikey who snorted as he laughed. I frowned in disgust. A student fancying a teacher, ew! They are the insects that force us into endless hours of doom and gloom. The childhood stealers, the dream destroyers even the freaking weekend/holiday stealers. Yet Frank managed to see past all that and focus on his raging guymones - notice my made up word.

Next lesson was PE, apparently we had a new teacher who was 'smoking hot' according to one of the Populars, (Massive group of girls/boys who are bossy, ignorant, rude and two faced). It was boiling outside and we had mixed tennis, meaning we played with the boys. I didn't mind this seeing as Bronty and I were now good friends with a group of guys.

The bell rang and we all made our way to the changing rooms. The Popular girls had resumed their usual spot by the mirror and we struggled to push through the seemingly endless crowd of high heels and hair extensions. Cliché, I know. Once we were changed into our shorts and tshirts, the class joined on the playground. We stood patiently until a sharp whistle blew behind me, indicating the start of the lesson. I turned to face where the noise had suddenly come from, and nearly dropped to the floor in awe. When the girls said the new teacher was hot, I thought they were exaggerating. He stood in a pair of white shorts and a black T-shirt that was far too tight, even though it showed his muscles perfectly. His blondy brown hair went amazingly well with his tan, and his piercing green eyes immediately caught onto mine... Is it just me or is the deja vu? Oh yeah, the first time I saw Mikey in his garden was a complete and utter humiliation.

Anyway, said teacher stood with his tennis racket firmly in one hand, and a tennis ball impatiently being thrown up so he could catch it again. My mouth was now hanging, and a small shiver ran through me. He still kept my gaze, and the rest of the classes murmers drifted away as though it was just me and him. Is this what they mean by love at first sight?

The teacher, now known as Mr Sumpter, organised an exercise to practise our volleys. I was paired with Mikey as Gerard wanted to go with Bronty, but the four of us used the same court. I kept glancing over at the new teacher, who might I add was looking at me as well! Mikey cleared his throat and I realised he was standing, ready to hit the ball. We played for a good 3 minutes before Gerard tried to hit the ball, but threw the racket instead; hitting me right between the eyes. I fell to the floor in shock, to say I was knocked out must sound pretty pathetic but hey here I am on the floor surrounded by Mikey, Gerard, Bronty, Billie, Mr Sumpter and WAIT, WHAT?? Rewind.... yep definitely the gorgeous teacher. Crouching next to me with concerned eyes and a warm hand pressed tightly onto my wrist.

"Hey, are you okay down there?" he grinned and I might as well just faint again because dayuuuum that smirk got me all fuzzy. I nodded and tried to sit up, everyone backed away quickly apart from Gerard who was shouting apologies into my face.

"I am so sorry Millie, I swear I didn't mean it." he looked genuinely worried so I accepted his apology and stood up with the help of about 3 people.

I was told by Mr Sumpter to skip the rest of the lesson and umpire some games. I did so gladly knowing it meant I could admire him for the next half an hour. Wait, what am I talking about, he's a teacher and I'm his student...


Sooooo Mr Sumpter has arrived. one of my childhood/teenager obsessions!

Hope you liked this chapter,

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