Chapter 22

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Okay now would be a great time for a fairy godmother to come along and fill my wardrobe with clothes. All I have is jeans, sweaters and baggy tshirts. I'm not about that fancy, posh life. I had already showered and done my hair, but Bronty was having an evening with Gerard and I didn't want to interrupt by asking for fashion tips. I had called her earlier telling her what I was doing, and so she could give me a 'kick up the ass' pep talk.

After about half an hour, I discovered an untouched dress hidden at the bottom of my wardrobe. It was hidden under all of my unnecessary clutter. I decided it would do for a quick meal and just as I was about to throw it on, my phone rang. Billie? I grabbed the phone quickly,


"Good evening, darling!" I winced at the sudden high pitched noise coming from the other end.

"Hey mum, I'm surprised I even remember your voice." I rolled my eyes, two freaking months they'd been gone. Never calling, only short text messages to ask if I needed any more money for food.

"Don't take that tone with me, young lady. You know we have been working hard for you and your brother." she replied sharply. Yeah, my brother who I also haven't seen in over a month. Just me, myself and I.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." I huffed, becoming annoyed with this conversation. Mikey was probably waiting for me.

"Well seeing as you're being so difficult with me, I will hand you over to your father. All this stress isn't helping my Face Pac to set." I heard shuffling and muffled talking, awaiting my dads lecture on how to talk to people respectfully. Well shit, this is going to take a while.

Bronty's POV

A few hours before...

"I'm bored, Gee!" I whined as we watched yet another episode of the Jeremy Kyle show.

"Same. Hey I have an idea! Wait here." he bounded up my stairs and a few minutes later appeared on the landing with my duvet.

"It's too early for a sleepover!"

"We're not having one, watch this!" he grinned like a child at Christmas as he led the duvet over the stairs. He then jumped and slid down in a great ball. I watched as his arm caught between the bannisters and he landed at the bottom, screaming in pain. I ran from the sofa, my eyes filled with worry.

"GEE! Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?" I unravelled the duvet from him and helped him walk to my sofa. He clutched his right arm against his chest, his left holding my hand tightly. He groaned in pain as he sat down. "I'm sorry, Gee!" I frowned and ran to get the phone. I tried to dial 999 but nothing happened. The screen was blank. I took out my phone and tried to dial but it was snatched away. By Mikey?

"Mikey! You have to help Gerard, he fell down the stairs and hurt his arm and head. I need to call an ambulance!"

"Too bad, you won't be able to." And with that, it all went black.

Mikey's POV

I glanced through to the living room where I could see my brother was unconscious. Probably from the loss of blood from the cut on his head. He's so fucking dumb. I carried Bronty out her back door and across the street into my house. My parents weren't home. They haven't been home for several days now because they're visiting my relatives. But they should be back soon. I took Bronty upstairs and dragged her up into the attic. My parents never come up here as their bedroom is downstairs, my mum is afraid of attics ever since the Aliens in the Attic movie and my dad is a fat slob who can't be bothered to come upstairs. So that leaves Gerard and I. His music is far too loud to notice anything strange. I turned the attic light on and a muffled noise came from the other side of the room.

"Shut up, Billie." I sneered, turning to face the dark haired boy; leaning against some old boxes, he was covered in sweat.



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