Chapter 27

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Brontys POV

I grumbled as I corrected my posture on the wooden floorboards. My body ached and it lacked energy, it must have been days since we have eaten a proper meal. We, meaning Billie and I. It was dark up here and our wrists were tied by pieces of rope. Our sight was removed by a blindfold that made it scarier if that was even possible. Mikey came daily to 'feed' us and give us water or maybe just to check we weren't planning on escaping. This 'meal' only consisted of energy bars that wore off after a couple of hours or so. Since the water was given in bottles, the floor was littered in the empty plastic containers.

I nudged Billie, scared of being awake alone. He had been here for considerably longer than me, yet we were both here for the same reason. To be kept away from Millie.

"What happened!? Did he come whilst I was asleep?" he looked wearily into my eyes. I shook my head in response.

"He hasn't been in hours, I'm guessing he's sleeping over at the BP house tonight?"

"I don't know, either way we have to get out of here, now!" Billie moved his arms frantically trying to get the ropes away from his wrists that were already covered in rope burns from his previous attempts. He winced in pain but continued to struggle. Finally after what seemed like hours at pulling away at the already weakened rope, he threw it onto the floor and sighed in triumph. He grabbed his blindfold and flung it somewhere into the room.

He then set onto me. Peeling off the blindfold and carefully unravelling the now not so neat knots. "Leave it Billie, find some form of light, check to see who's home or look for any kind of defence." I watched him nod in the dark, and then listened as he shuffled around on the attic floor. He cussed as various objects fell over and proceeded to make a large banging sound, which to other people would seem too large to be a mouse.

"Sshhh!" I whispered / shouted.

"Sorry! I can't find a torch or anything."

"You can't let anyone hear us! You know what will happen if they do." My eyes welled up and a slight sniffle escaped my nose.

He sighed, almost in defeat "I know B, I won't let him hurt Millie, you know that."

"I know, Billie." My wrists itched from the feel of the rope and I'm sure they are probably purple from the lack of circulation.

"Hey Bronty! I found a torch!" I heard the click of a button, but no light brightened the room. "Fuck! No batteries." There was shuffling once again and I heard the tearing of another box. "There's a box with some old toys in, maybe if I can find something remote controlled -" "Ah." There were a few clicks and suddenly a light came on. Billie grinned in achievement, and put all the things back into the boxes to make it look undisturbed. He then went over to the window that was situated high into the ceiling, the mass of cobwebs was the only barrier between us and the light from outside. Brushing them away, he peered out,

"There's no one here. We can make a run for it Bronty!" he almost ran over to me, careless of the noise he was making and undid the ropes. He raised his gaze and glanced past me. What he saw made him cry out in shock, and back away from me. He grabbed the torch and shone the light over my shoulder.

"What is it?" I whispered, too scared to turn around.


"BILLIE, WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?" he grabbed my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes.

"When you turn around, do not scream or run around so much the floorboards break underneath us." his voice was shaky and his eyes were filled with terror. His hands harshly clutched my arms, feeling as though they could break with the slightest increase in pressure. They slowly turned me around and what I saw made me feel weak in the knees. My eyes welled up again and I felt as though the only thing holding me up was Billies fingers piercing into my arms.

The torch shone brightly onto a huge canvas. It was smothered in photographs of Millie, photos of text messages which they had sent to one another, information about her, questions such as 'where are her parents?' or 'does she have siblings?', there was a clump of her light brown hair, photos of her house including, her bedroom and her wardrobe, there was a picture of her holding her hairbrush in her unicorn pyjamas looking as though she was singing. All this and so much more, all right behind me as I slept.

We remained in silence as we stared in horror at the wild work infront of us. The only thing that broke us from our trance was the sudden noise of a car reversing onto the Way driveway.

That was when the torch went out.


I got quite excited writing this chapter, so much happening.

And Mikey is being portrayed as a creepy stalker, hmm...

Anyways hope you guys liked my slightly later than usual chapter... sorry!

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