Chapter 14

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YES THE FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE! I leapt off of the couch and heard a grumble as Billie dropped onto the floor. He was now upside down with Bronty resting her head on his thigh. I snuck a quick picture and knelt down to Billies height,

"FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE BITCHES!" I screamed, then Billie screamed causing Bronty to scream. I don't know how but we all ended up in a pile on the floor, with Billies butt a few inches from my face. I poked it and he jumped up in surprise.

"Cheeky." he winked and we all stood up together.

"SHOTGUN, BATHROOM FIRST!" Bronty yelled sprinting up the stairs with her back pack.

"BUT IT'S MY HOUSE!" I called after her. The bathroom door slammed indicating her ignoring me. I turned to face Billie who was right in my face.

"Um. Hello Billie, did someone put glue on you or is there some other reason you're standing this close?"

"Does there have to be a reason?" He whispered, gazing into my eyes.

"Uh no?" I wasn't sure how to reply so I just stood their awkwardly. He leant further in and closed his eyes. His lips were in a pouting pose, and I immediately realised what he was doing. I pressed my finger to his mouth before it came any closer, and pushed him away.

"Time to pick an outfit to wear, can you help me?" I said suddenly. He opened his eyes and smiled sadly.

"Sure, lets go" he grabbed my hand and hauled me up the stairs. Bronty came out of the bathroom singing a song I didn't recognise.

After all of us got changed and ate breakfast, we were all ready to go. I was wearing a skirt and a sweater. Bronty was wearing a dress and Billie was wearing a black tshirt with jeans. As soon as we left my house, we could hear shouting from next door. We peeked over the fence to see a tired looking Gerard and an agitated looking Mikey. They stormed down their path and slammed their gate behind them. We stood awkwardly waiting for them, watching in complete confusion. They unexpectedly smiled and greeted us, and we made our way towards our high school. You may be wondering why there's a college at our secondary school. They're two different places in one. I've been to the school and always wanted to go to the college, so here I am. For my first day in Year 12. I grinned in excitement.


Bronty and Gerard were busy chatting about Dan and Phil (YouTubers). It was a topic Bronty knew a hell of a lot about so there was no struggle for conversation. Billie was talking to me about his next concert, completely forgetting about this mornings events. I didn't mind though, I didn't want to talk about it either.

Mikey on the other hand walked behind us, he was extremely quiet. Each time I turned around, I would catch his eye and give him a reassuring smile. Of which he tried to return. It's taken 20 minutes to get to college as usual, and now we are finally here.

"Come on guys, I see the others over there!" Bronty grinned and gave an enthusiastic wave to some girls in our year. I didn't like them, then again I don't like a lot of people. But Bronty is friends with them so therefore, I am their 'acquaintance'. She skipped over to them and I stayed with the boys.

"Look there's the guys!" Gerard waved at Ray, Frank and Bob and they wandered over towards us. Mikey perked up, a bright smile appeared on his face. He and Gerard gave them each that weird boy hug thing, and they gave a cheerful wave to me. Frank gave me a quick hug and I saw both Mikey and Billie flinch. Their jaws clenched. Before I could tease them, the bell rang and we walked towards the entrance. Mr Ranndell -head teacher - stood proudly at the entrance. He saw our group walking towards him and introduced himself. He then led them all to his office to tell them each their new timetables. We agreed to meet at lunch and soon Billie and I were the only ones left. We had the majority of our classes together but he had music and I had art. We both walked to the common room, arms linked and prepared to start the new term.


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