Chapter 28

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Millie's POV

Frank steadily drove us home. Gerard was shotgun, talking to Frank about some music stuff I didn't understand. I get he's excited, but isn't he wondering at all where the girl really likes is? I definitely hadn't stopped thinking about it and I was considering going to the police in the morning. Another thing that hadn't left my mind was Mikey. I really freaking liked him and I felt so happy watching him play tonight. The look on his face showed me nothing in the world compared to his passion for music and I admired it.

"Are you okay, over there?" Mikey asked with a concerned face. "I know you're upset about Green Day, I'm sure Billie will turn up. Same for Bronty." he smiled and took my hand.

"I'm know, but I was just thinking about going to the police station tomorrow." I smiled weakly. I couldn't help but notice a sense of alarm and he released my hand abruptly. "They might be able to at least reassure me that there's nothing to worry about."

"Um, Millie I don't think that's such a good idea."

"What makes you say that?"

"I just think we should wait it out a bit longer, they will show up on their own and you don't want to waste the polices' time just because a couple of teenagers have gone AWOL." he replied, gazing into my eyes. I felt anger well up inside of me.

"So you think looking for my best friends and your friends, is a waste of time?  Do you all think that? Because right now, it seems I'm the only fucking person worrying about them." The silence in the car was deafening. Gerard dropped his head and Frank awkwardly tapped his thumbs against the steering wheel. I hadn't realised the car had stopped. Furiously, I opened the  door and climbed out, slamming it behind me. Once again no lights lit up my house, it was times like this I really needed Bronty and Billie. Jeez even my parents but they weren't home until the weekend. I changed into my pyjamas and cried under my bed covers. 

Mikey's POV

She's still thinking about them. Even when they're not here, they're still in the way of our relationship. And now we have had our first argument over them. Anger flared inside me and I threw the closest things to me across the room. I paced for a  few seconds before marching towards the attic stairs and climbing up them. Not even the thought of Gerard finding out my secret could stop the urge to hit something, or someone.  I threw the latch of the small door open and even in the dark I noticed two shadows shoot up from the ground. I marched towards them reminding myself of the scene in Harry Potter where Dumbledore goes to Harry 'Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire' okay now is not the time to fan boy.. Bronty shuffled her body far against the wall. Grabbing Billie by the collar, I noticed the lack of rope around his wrists and the tape which had disappeared from his mouth.

Before I could even hesitate, my fist swung to his face and I hit him multiple times. He grunted and Bronty screamed, scrabbling to get to him.

"Billie! Leav-" I dropped Billie and pushed Bronty to the floor, connecting my foot to her stomach. She curled up into a ball, cringing from the pain. I scoffed at her weakness. Billie got me in a headlock and pulled me away from the crying girl. I shoved him off me,

"You don't get it do you. You're not even there and she still talks about you. And you have the nerve to untie yourself like you're going to escape." I crouched down to look at them both, "You're not getting out until Millie loves me. At this rate it will be never because she hates me, and it's all your fault."

"She doesn't love you, she doesn't even know you. Why would she love a possessive, controlling freak like you?" Billie spat, earning him a kick in the ribs. As I paced the attic, he spluttered, "You know I love her, why can't you let her be happy. And Gerard, you know he has feelings for Bronty and she clearly likes him. Why don't you want anyone to be fucking happy? Instead you keep us up here without food or water and prevent nearly everyone in you're damn pathetic life from living theirs."  

I glared at him, "She will be happy. Gerard will move on and I will move on with Millie. Until that happens I will keep you here or the shed in the garden, because when it comes to Christmas that's the only time the waste of space who are called my parents will come up here." Bronty sobbed and I turned to her, "And you can shut up. Gerard doesn't even notice you've gone."

"That's not true, I know he cares." I laughed hysterically at her reply.

"And you can tell that how? Unless you have a crystal ball up here that tells you all about the outside world then you don't know a thing that's going on. No one has even gone to the police, and no one will,  because once I tell everyone you were actually seeing each other and probably ran off together. No one will care to waste their energy." I smirked and stood up to walk back to the stairs. "Dinner is in half an hour, don't go anywhere." I laughed again and left them to feel sorry for themselves. The ground was still thumping from the volume of Gerard's music.

Billie's POV

"No one is going to find us, are they?" Bronty whispered. My head hurt and I felt blood trickle down my now bruised face.

"Of course they are, I bet the police are searching for us as we speak."  I stumbled to sit next to Bronty and wrapped my arm around her cold shoulders.

"They wont know where to look. It's not like we travelled far enough for anyone to have seen him take us." She sniffed and brought her knees to her chest.

"We're getting out of here, you hear me? Tomorrow we're leaving." Silence consumed us for a moment before she muttered,

"He's going to hurt her." My jaw clenched and my  grip around her tightened.

"I wont let that happen."

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