Mine. [Evan Peters x Reader] | (21+)☁️ by Skylizzzle
Mine. [Evan Peters x Reader] | (21...by Sky and Jin
"You're mine... nobody can have you" he said, rubbing slower. "You belong to me" I looked into his eyes, I could tell he was serious. I just nodded i...
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MADNESS || KIT WALKERby Coco Smol Bean
{AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM} {KIT WALKER FANFIC} ************ "I failed her! I failed the one person who loved and depended on me!" I said as I put my face...
  • ahs
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Tattoos • Teen Wolf [complete] by writer-liz
Tattoos • Teen Wolf [complete]by writer-liz
"She's the terror in your nightmares, but also the blessing in your dreams." Serena Elah Michelson has always been different. Since the moment she was born, th...
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Evan peters imagines and prefrences by ThatGurlThatWritez
Evan peters imagines and prefrencesby ThatGurlThatWritez
*editing* This is a book full of Evan Peters imagines and preferences Note: the latest Evan character included is James March in season 5 because I wrote this a while ba...
  • roanoke
  • evanpeters
  • jamesmarch
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The Singer  by Those2_girls
The Singer by Alison356
Spencer Lawrence is a singer a quite famous one when she wreks her car and ends up in the hospital she is asked by Elsa Mars to join the freak show to sing it starts a r...
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Billie Eilish Preferences☁️✨ by fatherpeters
Billie Eilish Preferences☁️✨by booboodaddypeters
Help,I lost myself💧
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god's child ☽ bwwm by pacifyherafi
god's child ☽ bwwmby prophet nicole ✨
This is our kingdom but look what we have done!
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Witch || James March by SteveandTheDiamonds
Witch || James Marchby Wheeze
A young witch runs away from her coven to seek vengeance for her mother's death that was caused by the supposed supreme. Only she knows what really happened that night...
  • coven
  • mrmarch
  • americanhorrorstory
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Fear ↠ Kai Anderson  by shitfate
Fear ↠ Kai Anderson by crimson aggression
"What's the thing that scares you the most?" She paused, thinking of how she'll explain her truth. "I've never experienced fear, only collusion, sufferin...
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Evan Peters Imagines and Preferences by samandcolbyxplr
Evan Peters Imagines and Preferenc...by Samandcolbyxplr
Evan Peters Imagines and Preferences included characters are stated below *Evan Peters *Tate Langdon *Kit Walker *Kyle Spencer *Jimmy Darling ****I don't own most of th...
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Evan Peters Imagines by Jan3doe
Evan Peters Imaginesby Jan3doe
Imagines/one shots of Evan Peters and his characters from AHS. Evan Peters // Tate Langdon // Kit Walker // Kyle Spencer // Jimmy Darling // James Patrick March
  • langdon
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Evan Peters Imagines & Preferences by random_fandom_trash_
Evan Peters Imagines & Preferencesby Beebo's Bae
Storytime, yeah!
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 untold one shots | +18 by preachkanyepreach
untold one shots | +18by girl wonder
just a some erotic stories, that people might just enjoy xx
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killer love [j.m] by lexscoven
killer love [j.m]by lex 🍯
"my dear stupid flora, the number one rule of murder, always discredit the witness." the sequel. LOWERCASE INTENDED ;; COMING SOON ;; [ AMERICAN HORROR STORY:...
  • americanhorrorstoryhotel
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Lil Xan's sister by Bitchin_84
Lil Xan's sisterby
Y/N's an actor. A lot of people recognize her because of Str
  • 13reasonswhy
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FIFTY/ FIFTY by thirteen13blue
HARRY STYLES AU Anna's problem was the fact that somehow over her twenty-two years of living, she had become the most unlucky person alive. Living in a world of perfect...
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TAINT by zombbite
TAINTby zombbite
After an unfortunate event, 17-year-old Colby Anderson and her parents are forced to flee their home in North Carolina and move all the way across the country to Califor...
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Multi Fandom Imagines  by InsaneRiggs
Multi Fandom Imagines by InsaneRiggs
Shameless TWD AHS Stranger Things It Jerome Valaska Greys Anatomy
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  • chandlerriggs
  • carlgallagher
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Her Halo |Book 1| by TinyLives
Her Halo |Book 1|by Baylea
She stood between the two brawling males.Her hand resting against Kaleb's chest and hovering over Peyton's.She could feel Kaleb relaxing into her touch.She stiffens as s...
  • love
  • herhalo
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Pure Shores by angel1x
Pure Shoresby Angel1x
Inspired by fictional and true stories, Pure Shores is the story of a backpacker who gets more than she bargained for when discovering a secret island near Indonesia. Th...
  • wickerman
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