Chapter 6

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Half an hour later -

At the end of the phone call, Mikey said he had to go and talk to Gerard, and phone the rest of the band. He eagerly ran out the door after typing his number into my phone, saying he would text me later with news.

Green Day had a concert tonight, and as usual, Bronty and I were joining the crowd of crazy, sweaty teenagers. Despite the cramped arenas they played in, the atmosphere was amazing. They did punk rock music, a genre Billie had been passionate about since he could remember. We used to jam to various rock artists at his house in the early hours of the morning. Billie's untamed hair whirling around as he played his imaginary electric guitar. We still did leap around his bedroom at 5am, but Billie's hair was better maintained and instead of an imaginary electric guitar, he had a real one.

As I pulled on my Green Day tank top and my black skinny jeans, my phone buzzed on my bed. As I picked it off my bed, a bright smile lit up my face.

From Mikey Swayyyy<3

After 2 weeks of feeling broken, you have reminded us to always follow our dreams, no matter who stands in the way. Thanks for making me realise that no one else's opinion should affect our futures.

We are re-grouping this weekend, feel free to join.


After reading the text about 4 times, my smile was so big I thought my face might break. It may not have been a big deal to some people, but I was happy that my words had finally caused something good to happen. I turned my phone off but nearly dropped it as it buzzed again,

From Mikey Swayyyy<3

Does that creepy smile mean you're coming to meet the guys?

I rolled my eyes and blushed
as I text him back,

To Mikey Swayyyy<3

I will think about it.

So, I have a creepy smile? Coming from the creepy person watching me..

He text me back almost immediately

From Mikey Swayyyy<3

I'm heading out my the front door to show that peeping Tom a piece of my baseball bat ;)

I laughed again as I glanced at the clock, less than 10 minutes until Bronty was picking me up and I hadn't even done my hair or makeup!

To Mikey Swayyyy<3

Don't hurt yourself! I'm scared of blood!

Anyway, stop distracting me, I'm already late!

I threw my phone on the table and grabbed a hair brush. It had obviously been a while since I last brushed it seeing as there was more knots than straight pieces of hair. My phone buzzed again,

From Mikey Swayyyy<3

I'm sure a pair of scissors will sort the job much quicker than that hair brush..

What are you late for?

I shook my head in amusement and finally removed all the knots. I didn't usually wear much make up other than eye liner and mascara, so I applied the usual.

To Mikey Swayyyy<3

Are you Edward Scissorhands now or something?

And I'm going out with Billie and Bronty.

I was only waiting for Bronty to arrive, so after a final glance in the mirror, I ran downstairs and put on my boots and jacket. I locked the door and headed outside. A slight breeze caused me to sink further into the jacket. The darkness was intimidating and I relied on the lights of my neighbours houses to keep me comforted. My phone vibrated in my jeans pocket,

From Mikey Swayyyy<3

I'll be whatever you want Millie ;) Cool, any chances of us tagging along? Parents are out and telly channels are a load of crap!

I didn't mind them coming along. We had backstage passes as we were Billie's best friends. I was sure we could sneak two more people in. As long as they were ready in approximately 2 minutes,

To Mikey Swayyyy<3
We're going to one of Billie's concerts, if you want to come, hurry your butts up and get out here. Bronty will be here in approximately 2 or 3 minutes!

There was no reply but I had my answer when the two figures stumbled out of the house. Whilst jogging, Mikey was tying his shoes and Gerard was attempting to pull his leather jacket on. They both stood next to me with triumphant grins on their faces,

"Not bad considering I text you literally 2 and a half minutes ago" I smirked at them both as they caught their breath.

"We never fail to disappoint!" Mikey smiled just as Bronty hurriedly drove round the corner. Surprise was evident on her face as the three of us climbed into her tiny car instead of just me. I could see her blush even in the dark as Gerard greeted her happily. I smirked at her quiet response and we set off to the concert.

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