Chapter 35

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It was dark by the time we reached the concert. A sign winter was really setting in. Billie hopped out of the car with his crutches, screaming we were apparently late. He was just paranoid. There was plenty of excited teens waiting behind a gate, I pointed to them, and Billie instantly relaxed and waved to them. I think one of them fainted...

As usual, we showed our backstage passes to the bulky security guard. He nodded and left a gap for the 7 of us to file through. A member of the stage team led us to the make up rooms where Miranda ushered us all in. We had our routine hug and mini catch up before she set to work on Billie's hair.

"Billie darlin', why's ya hair all sticky?" Miranda cursed and grabbed a thicker hair brush.

"Ask him." Billie scowled at Evan, who shrugged with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

Finally, Billie was changed and ready to go on stage. His other band mates took him away to discuss the concert. The rest of us went over to watch some other performers as this was a various artists concert.

"Oh my God." I whisper shouted.

"What?" Everyone said to me.

"IT'S THE JANOSKIANS!" I screamed and had to restrain myself from running onto the stage and catapulting myself at one of the boys. They did some pranks and sang a few songs before they said goodbye to the crowd, walking our way.

"Hi, guys." Jai (one of the boys) waved, everyone looked at my mouth that had dropped to floor level.

"Um..are you okay?" Daniel asked, then James waved his hand infront of my face. Bronty elbowed me hard in the stomach receiving a groan from me. I looked at her and scowled, she raised her eyebrows and eye pointed to the boys that were still there.

"Yea- yep I'm just jolly fantastic. In fact I'm fucking brilliant. Don't you agree this has been a marvelous day. Get it, Marvel! Oh wait that doesn't make sense in this situation. Okay I'm just going to shut up now because I'm making a fool of myself and only fools fall for you. Haha another pun, lol I'm so funny." I took a deep breath and blushed so red I thought my head might explode. Everyone stood with alarmed looks.

"SHE'S SO CUTE! CAN WE KEEP HER?!" Luke shouted and side hugged me. I think I'm pregnant.

"No." Beau sighed. "But you can definitely hang out with us sometime." He grinned. We all exchanged numbers and then the boys left.

"That. Was one of the best moments of my life." I sighed excitedly just as Billie, Tre and Mike came round the corner.

The stage was now ready for them and the crowd boomed through the arena. Wide grins were spread on all their faces; Billie came over and kissed me before hobbling over to his spot on the stage. Everyone crowded round the curtain listening to the crazy screams erupting from the crowd. The boys introduced themselves for those who didn't know them, and started their first song. American Idiot. We sang all the words because we had heard them so often and allowed the lyrics of the next few songs to carry us away.

It was magical when 'Are we the waiting' played. People waved their torches and hands to the soft rhythm. I nearly had a heart attack when Billie summoned me up on stage. I gladly accepted despite my nerves and joined him. He awkwardly danced with me seeing as he only had one working leg at the moment. Happy tears filled my eyes and the crowd cheered loudly. Then the song changed to something louder and I left the stage. The fans booed but I didn't want to get in the way of the guys. Billie threw his crutches behind him and crawled to the front of the stage. Then he stood and belted out more words. Billie was so crazy at concerts, if he fell he would probably break his other leg.

An hour and a half later and they had a few more songs to do. They were beyond sweaty, more drenched. But they didn't care. Suddenly, they did something I had no idea of.

"Well guys, I hope you're enjoying the concert so far. We've stopped because we want to introduce you to some people." He looked over and nodded to the three boys watching in awe. They pointed at themselves and stared in shock. Billie laughed and nodded. "This is My Chemical Romance. They have a new album out and I think they would like to share it with you."

Gerard, Frank and Ray shuffled onto the stage with nervous smiles. Billie turned his microphone off and ushered them over. They talked for a while before Gerard took his place and so did the others. I guessed Mike was playing bass in Mikey's place as he was the only one that remained on the stage.

"Hey guys! I'm Gerard and that's Ray and Frank." He pointed to the guys who waved nervously, "We are My Chemical Romance!" He yelled and the crowd cheered loudly. The End started the concert as that is the first song of their album. The audience were immediately screaming their support and song after song the boys grew in confidence. By the end, the crowd were just as wild as when Green Day performed. The boys thanked them and left. They were careful not to put Green Day into a pile on as they gave them a group hug.

"Thank you so much." Gee whispered. Billie patted his back and after quick showers that were in the back of the arena, we were on our way home.

"I hope you had a good day, Bronty." Gee whispered. Clearly tired after this evenings events.

"It was amazing." She replied resting her head on his shoulder. Once we were home, they bid each other goodbye and went to their separate homes. Frank and Ray had already left to go to the BP house. I helped Billie out of the car.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Billie said.

"Yeah." I replied, waving as he hopped away. He turned back to face me,

"Wait. Millie come in with me." I nodded confusedly, and shut the door behind him. I followed him up the stairs where he took off his shirt.

"Are you okay?" I asked worriedly.

"Millie, I really love you."

"I know, I love you too." I said and kissed him. He pulled me back onto the bed where we continued un-changing. I kissed him more, and it got deeper. I knew where this was leading.

"Are you sure?" Billie asked quietly. I nodded, but began laughing. "What?" He chuckled, I could sense some embarrassment.

"What about your leg?"

He smiled and replied, "Just cast me away."

"That was shit." I laughed again and he shrugged. He pushed me back onto the mattress where crazy ass things then happened.


Mikey's POV

2 Hours earlier

Once again I found myself in a court room, only this was the last time. The 5 other people and the jury stood as the judge was just about to announce my fate.

"Michael Way, I sentence you to 5 years in a psychiatric hospital, then 2 months of community service."

He slammed the hammer on the stand as two officers grabbed my wrists and pulled me away. I was too shocked to protest, I knew it was coming. My parents sobbed behind me when I glanced back to see them. I struggled to go back and be near them, but there was no point, this was my ending. 5 years, or a lifetime, this was going to be the death of me. Because I don't have her.


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