Chapter 13

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Tears streamed down my face as Rose whispered her famous line, "I'll never let go Jack, I promise". She kissed his hand and dropped him into the water, a sob escaped Bronty's mouth and we both bawled together. We had watched Titanic at least 15 times, but we couldn't stop our obsession for Leonardo DiCaprio. Seriously, who can?

Anyway, I had invited Bronty to stay over mine for our last night of freedom. Billie was also coming over, reluctantly.

My parents had disappeared off the face of the earth, but my brother had contacted me saying he was currently in Greece, and hoped I was well. Yep, perfectly fine apart from being abandoned for nearly 4 weeks. At least I could do and eat whatever the hell I wanted.


"It's open!" I shouted as an unenthusiastic knock sounded at the door. In came a cheerful looking Billie who threw a small rucksack and then himself onto the sofa.

"Soooooooo... what are we doing?" Billie exaggerated. I picked up 'Just Dance' and wiggled my eye brows. Bronty squealed, "Bring it on my friend!", Billie winked and took his place next to me. He held the controller and stood next to me ready to dance. The TV sounded a countdown of 30 seconds. Looking at Billie, you would never have thought he was a Pop Dancing Maniac, but he was a major professional. Unfortunately for him, so was I.

"Ready to lose Millie?" he questioned, Bronty squirmed in excitement behind us.

"Speak for yourself, hedgehog!", he glared at my insult that was aimed towards his wild hair. I smirked then focused on the screen,

"3.. 2... 1 GO!", I think it was Nicki Minaj who was blaring through the TV speakers, but neither of us was paying attention; only watching the arrows that came up on the screen. I tried my best not to burst out laughing when I noticed from the corner of my eye, that Billie's trousers were falling down. His eyes were glued to the screen and his polka dot boxers were on full view, he was refusing to be distracted by his loss of cover in that area. I could hear Bronty crying with laughter as the song came to an end,

"Winner, Player 2!" said the game.

"YAYYY!" I screeched, and did some chicken impressions around the room. Billie sank to the ground in defeat (after pulling up his trousers), panting to catch his breath.

"My turn!" Bronty shouted and snatched the controller from Billie. He pouted playfully at me and I stuck out my tongue. He smiled and collapsed on my sofa. The sweat from his forehead had caused his eye liner to slightly run and his cheeks were bright red. I could feel him watching me throughout the next few games. Bronty won 4 matches, compared to my 3.

After a huge takeaway and a horror film (Billie insisted seeing as he was the only guy here - I'm currently rolling my eyes), we all turned the lights off and prepared for sleep. A bright light came from next to Bronty and she grabbed her phone from the side table. From the light, I could see her eyes scanning the screen and a bright grin formed on her face.

"What's up?" I grumbled, half asleep.

"LOOK! GERARD MESSAGED ME SAYING GOODNIGHT AND THAT THEY WANT TO WALK TO COLLEGE TOMORROW MORNING WITH US", I grinned in excitement for her, I knew how much she liked Gerard and he had somehow got her number. It came as no surprise that Billie's sleep had not been disturbed by Bronty's shrieks. He slept through literally anything and everything.

"That's cute!", I didn't really know what to say but the slight tension was interrupted by my phone lighting up,

From MikeySwayyyy<3

Hey Mills, where did you run off to earlier? Were my good looks too much to handle? ;)

Basically yes that is one of the many reasons...

I had completely forgotten about earlier..

To MikeySwayyyy<3

You wish! ;) I just forgot I had something urgent to attend to.

I've always been bad at lying. Hopefully he wouldn't question me tonight. I would have to face him tomorrow though...




Hope y'all liked this chapter. I'm not too sure of it personally but never minddddd

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