Chapter 7

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"Would you turn that stupid piece of crap off? It's melting my ears!" Mikey's voice could only just be heard over the sound of Take That. Brontys' car had many faults, including the radios on/off button jamming. Gerard was laughing his head off along with Bronty, whilst I was kicking the stereo in an attempt to turn it off. To be honest I think my attempts made it worse.

"I'm trying!" I called back, Bronty was now singing along to the famous 'These days' and Gerard was complaining about the heat inside the car. 4 people crammed into a vehicle that was smaller than a Fiat 500, whilst they were all shouting and screaming and kicking the radio, was enough to send even a camel into a state of heat exhaustion. Finally, the radio switched to something a little more appreciated. You Me at Six. Despite the radio still being turned up to maximum volume, we travelled in as much comfort as possible with the windows down and the cool breeze coming in. Mikey was using my chair as a drum and Gerard was singing along. I could tell Bronty was struggling to concentrate with the amount of noise coming from the jukebox on wheels. Stares followed us as we rushed through red lights in an attempt to get to the concert before it was too late. The repetitive thumps on the back of my chair became increasingly irritating. I tried to get lost in the music so that I would forget the annoying beat that was vibrating onto my back. It reminded me of all those times in school where an annoying little kid would kick the back of your chair. As the song got faster, so did the thumps. Twiddling my fingers, the noise became too much. There was too much going on and I was struggling to take it all in.

"WOULD YOU CUT IT OUT!", my voice boomed over the music and Gerard immediatly stared at me in shock. Bronty slowed the car and I caught her looking out of the corner of her eye. I was still turned to face Mikey, who held his hands up in surrender.

"Someone has their panties in a twist" he smirked at me. My ears might as well have had steam erupting from them. He was so infuriating! Of all the people who choose to live next to me. As I turned to face forward, his iconic smirk remained followed by a wink. I rolled my eyes and glued them to the road.

"We're here!" Bronty squealed.

At the concert-

We parked the car in the VIP section and walked to the side entrance. The queue was extremely long so we were grateful for the easy access. A few girls turned and gave us nasty glares as we walked past. Mikey and Gerard teased them with a cheery wave. Me and Bronty laughed recieving more looks of disgust. We showed the security guards our passes and explained who we were. They gladly let us through and we screeched in excitement. The concert was due to start in 10 minutes. I phoned Billie to let him know we were here and he invited us to his dressing room.

I knocked and Billie's stylist opened the door,

"Hey Millie! How're you doing? Haven't seen you in ages." Miranda - stylist, was a friend of Bronty and I. Since we saw her every concert, we had spent a lot of time with her and she was great to be around. As she released me from a death grip, she ran over to Bronty who cringed at the contact.

"We're great, thanks", Bronty replied in a hurry to end the hug. Miranda smiled and scurried off outside. Once again we were crammed in a small space.

"Hey Billie! Are you feeling okay?", I walked over to him and hugged him from behind. He lifted his arm and wrapped it around my shoulders. His free hand pulling his hair in wild directions. His gaze never left the mirror, apart from when I wiped a loose eye lash from his cheek.

"Thanks", he whispered, "I'm really excited, our fans are so crazy." he smiled, breaking the eye contact. It was as if there was no one else in the room because of the quietness. I blamed the lack of conversation on his nerves. A man arrived to tell Billie it was time to go. With one last check in the mirror we shuffled out of the room.

"You'll be fine, enjoy it!", I kissed his cheek to comfort him and the others said their 'good lucks' and 'have funs'. As Billie arrived onto the stage with the other two members, the crowd erupted into screams and shouts. We were just behind the curtain and could see the hundreds of wild fans crying and reaching out for the guys. The music started and we all watched in amazement as the atmosphere grew into a crazy, endless void. They were heading into their second song which I realised was 'Jesus of Suburbia' when Billie turned and gave us a thumbs up. We copied the action with huge grins on our faces. Allowing the music to take over us. I saw the enjoyment on Mikey and Gerard's faces, when I caught Mikey's eye he smiled at me and mouthed 'this is amazing'; I nodded in agreement. Bronty and Gerard were singing along together and I internally awed at their cuteness.

An hour later-

Green Day were having a short 5-10 minute break to check the sound cables and get refreshments. It gave the crowd time to re-fuel for the next hour. After 'Wake me up when September ends' finished, John announced the break to the fans and they began to leave the arena. The guys walked towards us as Billie swung his arm around myself and Bronty- I did take note at Gerard's look of distaste. Mikey awkwardly shuffled behind us and we headed back to the dressing rooms. We were laughing and discussing the concert so far. Gerard was intrigued to hear what it was like to perform and Mikey was watching but I don't think he was listening, something was up with him. Billie helped himself to water and downed a bottle in one. His forehead glistened with sweat, as well as the roots of his hair, and he poured the bottle over himself to cool down. We gasped as the floor became drenched, "What? That's what cleaners are for", He chuckled, clearly not quite as nervous as before.

As the break ended we headed back to the stage. Billie had his hair re done as well as his eye liner. The crowd waved their arms to the slow sound of, 'Are we the Waiting'. Mikey came and stood next to me, he leant down to ear level,

"Would you come to our shows?" I looked up at him, his brown eyes staring into my own green ones. I nodded feeling slightly uncomfortable with his closeness. He smiled and held me from behind by my waist. I was shocked at our sudden position but his warmth caused me to remain there. "It's going to be so amazing when we get back on track, our concerts weren't as big as this but the fans were the same." he was whispering in my ear causing my stomach to flare up in butterflies. I wasn't sure how I could hear him over the volume of music, I guess his voice just blocked everything out. Not for long,

"Oi, lovebirds!" we both turned as Mikey hurriedly removed his arms. I shifted from his grasp only to face Bronty's knowing smile. I blushed and shook my head. Mikey and Gerard had moved further away to talk about something. Bronty grasped my arm and hauled me round a corner, a wall provided a small shield from the combinations of screams and music.

"Sooo, what's going on?" I asked trying to avoid that conversation, knowing I would be unsuccessful.

"You and Mikey? Hellooo? I've seen the way you look at him, don't deny it" I scratched the back of my neck knowing she was right. I did like Mikey but it was only a crush.

"Yeah, and what about Gerard. You've been cosy with him!" She gasped as I raised my eye brows.

"Is it really that obvious? I don't think he likes me that way" I rolled my eyes.

"Are you kidding me? Seriously, just watch him and you'll find your answer. Now come on, the concert's nearly over." I grabbed her wrist and brought her back to our original spot.

"YOU'VE BEEN AN AMAZING CROWD, THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!" A final tune on the guitar and the show was over.

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