Chapter 4

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A wet droplet on my face caused me to wake up. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I became aware of my current position. My body was sat up straight but my head was resting on Billie's shoulder. His arm was still slumped around my shoulder but his head was pressed against the side of mine. A thin line of dribble hung out of his mouth. I grimaced as my hand ran across my forehead. "Ew!" I wiped it off on Billie's black T-shirt. The sudden movement caused him to stir and he frowned at my disgusted face,

"What's up? Don't tell me, I have tomato ketchup on my cheek." he looked at me with a worried expression.

"No, you're drooling like a dog!" His eyes widened and quickly his arm that was once wrapped around me was viciously wiping his mouth. I grinned as his cheeks turned a shade of pink and he frowned. The others began to wake up, popcorn was littered around the room due to Gerard's freak out at The Woman in Black. There was only a few more days until we started college and we were all ecstatic.

About an hour later, Bronty and I were chilling in her house. Mikey and Gerard had left half an hour ago seeing as they still had unpacking to do. Billie had just left because he had band rehearsal. Yes, Billie was in a band called Green Day. He is the main vocalist and also a guitarist, there are two other members called Mike and Tre, but I don't know them too well. They don't live in this town but Billie still manages to rehearse daily. Apparently - according to Bronty - Mikey and Gerard also do music. They had a similar dress style to Billie, the black jeans/ T-shirt, the black shoes and eye liner.

Whilst we were watching an episode of The Jeremy Kyle show - typical daytime telly -, Evan walked through the door and slammed it behind him. Here are the butterflies again.

"Hey sis and Millie" he greeted and collapsed on the sofa next to Bronty. I was concentrating more on my chipped red nail polish than paying attention to the programme. There's only so much shouting and no teeth that someone can take. Bronty and Evan were having brother / sister bonding, discussing new songs that they had found, so I decided to leave them to it. Mikey was leaning on my front door when I reached my house. His parents were relaxing in their front garden and I could hear Gerard's rock music that was so loud it could've cracked all their windows and probably mine as well.

"Hey", Mikey called as he stood up.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, I didn't mean to sound snappy, I was generally curious.

"Cup of sugar?" He asked with his usual smirk. I rolled my eyes at the cliché remark. I opened the door and let him in. He followed me into the kitchen where I offered him a drink, he happily took it and stood awkwardly next to the sink.

"What were you going to do with my phone last night?" he asked, my cheeks tinged pink as the memory came back to me.

"You know what I was doing." I grumbled, but he still looked confused, "The photo!" At my words he laughed hysterically.

"You in your bright pink unicorn pyjamas, dancing on your bed with a 'microphone' which was actually your hair brush. You have a good taste in music though, I will give you that" He continued to laugh, just as I noticed his phone resting on my kitchen counter. Why had he taken it out...? Just as he turned his back to check out my CD collection, I grabbed it and ran upstairs. His heavy footsteps thundered behind me as I tripped up the stairs and landed flat on my face. My hands desperately turned the phone on. But that's as far as I got. Mikey's body belly flopped on top of mine, I screamed in shock and he snatched his phone away. As he got off of my back and sat on my landing, I couldn't help but notice his genuine smile. I hadn't seen it before, usually a smirk or a blank expression plastered his face.

"You're truly something else." he said quietly.

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