Chapter 20

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The gates were open as usual, but the play ground was empty, reminding us we were late. We all walked, arms linked towards the main doors. I had English first with Mikey and Billie, a recipe for disaster me thinks...

We strutted into the room, the door slamming loudly behind Mikey. I stopped suddenly when I realised who our teacher was. Oh shit. Of all lessons I come late to. "Where have you two been, you're 15 minutes late!" Mr Sumpter said firmly.

"Sorry, sir. It was my fault, couldn't find my 'get my ass out of bed' hat." Mikey replied and I burst out laughing along with the rest of the class.

"Yeah, and I couldn't find my 'hurry the fuck up' hat, so there ya go." Mikey gave me a small fist bump and we both smirked at Mr Sumpter who looked like he was about to blow up, despite a glint of humour in his eyes. Still very hot though...

"Well Millie you can stay with me at lunch break to write up 120 lines on 'I will not swear or be late to my lesson. And Mikey you can stay after school and pick up the litter on the bleachers." Now he was smiling deviously, and our expressions turned to glares. When everyone else had finished watching the show, they went back to work and I caught Mr Sumpter giving me a slight.. wink?


Billie wasn't in my last lesson. I have rung him about 20 times, leaving messages or just sending a text. It was break time and Bronty and Gerard were looking at a video on Franks' phone. They were all laughing so much they looked possessed. Mikey and I watched them in confusion.

"Hey guys! We're just watching a Janoskians video." Bronty said and pulled me away from Mikey. He looked sad at our loss of contact.

"I love them!" I shouted, watching the video of the boys eating a whole gallon of ice cream each.

"We're good friends with the Brooks brothers, maybe we could meet up some time?" Mikey said and I screamed.

"Seriously?! That would be the best day of my life!"

"It's sorted then, I will call them later." Mikey said and I hugged him tightly, then the bell rang.

I couldn't really concentrate through my Art lesson. My brain was clogged up. I glanced over at Gerard's portrait, and immediately recognised who he was drawing. "That's amazing, Gee! It looks just like her." I whispered, staring at his work next to mine.

"Thanks, do you think she will like it? I don't have enough money to buy her a birthday present so I hope she will be okay with this instead."

"Of course she will!" I replied. Gerard had drawn a portrait of Bronty for her birthday which was in a couple of months time. "It's amazing!" Gerard smiled and gazed at his drawing, then at mine.

"Why haven't you drawn anything? he asked.

"I'm just a bit distracted, that's all."

"Why? What's wrong?" he asked, looking serious all of a sudden.

"Can I tell you something? Just please don't tell anyone else." I turned in my stool to face him. He nodded.

"Do you want to tell me here? It's a bit public." he asked, I sighed and shook my head.

"I'll tell you later." I whispered, Gerard gave me a reassuring smile and carried on with his portrait. Ten minutes later and it was lunch, or detention for me. "I've got detention, I'll see you later." Gerard nodded and put his art piece away somewhere safe.


Strolling to the PE faculty (because that's Mr Sumpter's original job), I was pondering over the wink he gave me earlier. Maybe it was a friendly wink, but how often does a wink mean something that is just friendly? He was sat picking up weights when I arrived. Oh my God. He looked up and grinned, my cheeks reddened.

"Sit over there." he motioned with his eyes to a small rickety desk and chair, in the corner of the room. There was a pen and sheet of paper already laid out. We were the only people in the room. I managed to write about 10 lines before I became bored, and decided to watch him flex his muscles with the various weights instead. My heart fluttered and a chill went up my spine. "Have you finished your lines already?" he asked suddenly, making me jump. The sudden lack of weight from my elbow on the table caused it to rock forward slightly.

"N-no, I um was just day dreaming." he scoffed and put down his last weight. Then he shuffled over to me in his tight t-shirt and gym shorts. I can't breathe right now, please help! Then he knelt down to my height and rested his arms on the table top. It leant to the side again.

"You can come back tomorrow lunch and the lunch after and the lunch after that, until you finish your lines." he finished with a smirk. My mouth hung open. He went to use my table to push himself up but the sudden change caused it to fall over. As well as Mr Sumpter. He squeaked and then a giant rip sounded the room. We both went quiet, his cheeks turned a shade of red. "Oh shit."

He covered the huge hole in his shorts with his hand. My laughter could probably be heard from miles away, as he shuffled out of the room.


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