Chapter 12

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Obviously since the guys only moved in yesterday, it was still pretty plain. The entrance hall was fairly narrow but gave an immediate view of the stair case and doorways to 3 other rooms. We all clustered in the tiny hallway until one by one we made our way down the carpeted floor. The door on the left lead to a living room; it was very spacious and joined onto the kitchen, which could also be accessed if you carried down the corridor we were currently walking through. The doors on the right revealed a downstairs bathroom and a room that I guessed could be a music room. At the moment it was lifeless, but I knew in a few weeks time they would transform it. At least I hoped they would...

The kitchen was very open with plenty of space to manoeuvre. I perched on the island that was in the middle of the room and watched Mikey and Gerard explore their friends new house. Mikey was play fighting with Frank and I winced when Frank wrestled him to the ground. I wasn't sure how I felt about Mikey, I like him but I'm unsure in what way. I think he only sees me as his friend and when he gets to college there will be tonnes of other girls throwing themselves at his feet. Well I have to admit he is definitely hot.

"What's up? You're looking very confused", Mikey asked. I hadn't even realised he was there, too wrapped up in thinking about him.

"Nothing!", I ignored his curious gaze, it was as though he was searching me for an answer. Hopefully he wouldn't find one...

"Sure", he said unconvinced. "Come on, you haven't seen upstairs yet", he winked and grabbed my hand. Loud chatter was echoing through the house as Mikey pulled me up the stairs. When we reached the top, I noticed 5 rooms dotted around. My hand was still wrapped in Mikey's, but I didn't mind. He must have realised as well, because he glanced at our hands, and then at me. Reluctantly he let go and I saw Ray and Gerard snicker, which I returned with my iconic death glare. They immediately turned away, pretending to be occupied in conversation. Smirking, I ventured down around the wide landing, quickly peeking into each room. They all had piles of boxes stacked up, I wondered just how long they were staying for. I was curious seeing as they had brought so much stuff.

"Finished snooping yet?" Frank whispered in my ear. I jumped back in fright and landed in the arms of Mikey.

"Awww guys, aren't they so adorable?!" Gerard was acting like some crazy fangirl, hopping around the guys who all smirked at his actions, and us. I simply blushed and Mikey scratched his neck awkwardly.

"I'm.. just going to go", I muttered, and then I sprinted down the never ending stairs and out the door. I so over reacted. Nothing even happened, I just fell into Mikey. I was just so confused, I found him so infuriating sometimes. The way he bites his nails when he's nervous, how he only smirks and hardly ever smiles, the way he walks around with his hands hooked into his pockets, the awful smelling after shave he uses. But then there was the good things. How he could be so fun to be around, his eye liner sculpting round his amazing eyes, his honesty, his good dress sense, amazing hair, and the ability to make me feel so many butterflies that I felt they would lift me into the sky. Okay that was cringey, but this is what he does! I can't freaking think straight around him!

I realised that in the time it had taken me to rant, I had managed to get home and collapse into my sofa with a thump. I text Bronty requesting her assistance. She immediately barged into the house and plopped down next to me.

"OMG you have to tell me, what were they like? The house? Was Gerard okay? Is something wrong? You're really quiet...did something happen to Gerard!?" The questions came out in a heap and I watched as she kept coming out with more. I held my hand up to silence her,

"The guys are amazing, they're like one big family. The house is pretty big, slightly bigger than mine. Gerard is fine, missing you I think", I winked and she grinned. "And I'm quiet because I am 79% sure...that I may have a slight crush on Mikey". A silence was rudely interrupted by Bronty's loud scream.


"I owe you nothing, now tell me what to do!" I sighed.

"I think you should, GET RIGHT FUCKING IN THERE MY FRIEND!, talk to him loads but not much flirting, just be normal but then casually and calmly take it further...THEN POUNCE!"

"The middle part sounds good, however, there will be no pouncing. Are these your tack ticks for Gerard?", I grinned.

"Maybe, maybe not", she blushed and turned the other way, giving me my answer.


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