Chapter 32

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This chapter gave me so many different feels, help meh!


Mr Sumpters POV


The opening to the attic had a small padlock on it. Strange, people don't usually want to keep their Christmas decorations under lock and key. Knowing there was an office downstairs, I quickly legged it and after searching, returned with a paper clip. Part of my training required picking locks, it had never been a useful skill, until now. The padlock clicked open and I removed it, throwing it on the floor. I undid the latch and pulled the ladder down.


Slowly, but surely I climbed the steps. It had become quiet since I undid the lock which led me to believe it was all in my imagination and my paranoia was telling me to think the worst was hidden up there. Nonetheless I carried on and flashed the torch on my phone into the unknown. A figure sat staring at me with wild eyes on the opposite side of the room. Another shape lay on the floor grumbling in pain. I knew it wasn't my imagination. Holding the torch further into the room I made out the familiar face of Bronty, the girl who went missing. The other body I was hoping belonged to that of Billie Armstrong.

"Mr- Mr Sumpter?!" Bronty stammered, both relief and surprise evident in her trembling voice.

"Bronty!" I climbed the rest of the way and rushed over to the crying teen. "It's okay, I'm getting you out of here."

"Help Billie, he fell off the boxes." She pointed at Billie who was still shaking in pain. I stood and gently walked towards the injured boy.

"Am I glad to see you." Billie whispered so quietly I could hardly make it out.

"The feeling is mutual." I chuckled, "Now lets get you guys outta here." I could feel Bronty's presence behind me, we both assisted Billie in standing and after much effort; carried him down the stairs. Bronty took a long breath,

"It feels so good to breathe semi fresh air." She cried and then ran down the stairs at a quick pace. Billie groaned into my shoulder as he limped down after her. Finally we got to the bottom and the front door swung open. I held my breath in anticipation, waiting for an insane Mikey to come charging up the stairs and return us all into that dank attic. My heart stopped and began furiously beating again once I heard the shouts,

"Officer Sumpter, are you in here?" 

"Put your hands in the air where I can see them!"

"Get down on the ground!"

The yells continued until I caught eyes with my fellow colleagues. They immediately lowered their weapons and rushed towards Billie. I had called the police before I climbed the ladder, just as a precaution.

Outside the house, police cars had gathered and Bronty was already giving her story to an officer I didn't recognise. Billie's ankle was being seen to and by the looks on the paramedics faces, his condition wasn't too good. After a while an ambulance came and took him away. The next thing I knew a pair of arms were flung around me,

"Thank you." Bronty whispered, her voice trembling.

"My pleasure." I said as I hugged back. It was around half 3 by the time the police had inspected the property and finished answering Bronty questions. Soon enough familiar faces appeared around the corner, belonging to Mikey and Millie.

Millie's POV

"Mikey, why are there so many police cars outside your house?" I asked slightly confused. Mikey refused to answer, his body rigid and when I glanced at his face he was as pale as a ghost. His jaw was clenched and the grip on my hand tightened.

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