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बागों में फूलों के खिलने से पहले ,
तेरे मेरे नैनों के मिलने से पहले
कहाँ थी ये बातें ,मुलाकातें ,ऐसी रातें
टूटा तारा था ये मन मेरा ,
बन गया चाँद होके तेरा
कोरा कागज़ था ये मन मेरा
लिख लिया नाम इस पे तेरा
सूना आँगन था जीवन मेरा
बस गया प्यार इस में तेरा।।✨🌸


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Siya stood in the bustling corridor, her gaze darting eagerly in search of Shashwat. Just then, Arushi's arrival injected an air of excitement into the atmosphere.

"Do din baad mil rahe hain," Arushi exclaimed, her voice tinged with excitement, as she disappeared into the classroom, with Siya trailing behind.

[We met after two days!]

"Richa kaha reh gayi!" Siya fretted, her nerves on edge. Just then, Richa breezed into the room, settling into her seat seamlessly.

[Where is Richa?]

"Yaar, holiday homework kiya physics ke numericals mile the?" Richa inquired anxiously, her brow furrowed with concern.

[Have you completed the physics holiday homework?]

"Bhaii, hum bhul gaye!!" Siya confessed, her anxiety mounting as she nervously chewed on her nails.

[ Bro I forgot to complete.]

"Behen, he will eat us alive! Last period hai unka, abhi se start karenge to ho jayega," Arushi chimed in, her tone laced with urgency.

[His class is at last so if we started writing now it will be completed.]

"Haan, let's start. Mai Sanjana se copy lekar aayi," Richa suggested, taking charge of the situation.

"I am going to the washroom, baal thik karna hai. Tab tak tum log start karo," Siya announced, setting off towards the door.

[I have to fix my hair. You guys carry on.]

But fate had other plans, as Shashwat suddenly materialised in front of her, causing them both to step back in surprise, and her handkerchief to flutter to the ground. Their eyes met for a fleeting moment, before they both bent down to retrieve it.

In a deliberate move, Shashwat brushed his fingers against hers, sending a jolt through Siya's heart. She looked up at him, her gaze meeting his with a mixture of surprise and delight. Before she could pick up the handkerchief, he swiftly grabbed it, their hands lingering in the air between them.

With a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, Shashwat tucked the handkerchief into his pocket, causing a frown to crease Siya's brow. But before she could protest, he winked at her, sending her pulse racing even faster.

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