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And we are serious this time..agar target nhi pura hua to we will upload on scroll stack and after the completion of Target we will update here.


As they finished indulging in their pastries, Reyansh and Arushi sauntered over to the counter. Arushi reached for her wallet, but before she could pull out any cash, Reyansh gently intercepted, his hand covering hers.

"I will pay for this," he insisted, a playful glint in his eyes as he whipped out his phone, ready to make the payment through digital means.

Arushi furrowed her brows, a mixture of amusement and protest on her face. "Arre, I can pay for myself," she protested, though her tone held a hint of affectionate exasperation.

Reyansh shook his head, a soft smile playing on his lips. "I know you can," he conceded, "but I can't let you when I'm with you."

"Par aise accha nahi lagta.. please," Arushi implored, her eyes meeting him with a mixture of sincerity and playful defiance.

[But it is not right.]

Reyansh held his ground, his resolve unwavering as he scanned the scanner code on the counter and effortlessly completed the payment transaction. Arushi's lips formed a pout, her playful annoyance evident as they exited the pastry shop.

"Accha ab don't be sad..ye meri taraf se treat samajh lena," Reyansh said reassuringly, trying to lighten the mood as Arushi sighed, her disappointment still lingering.

[ Consider this as a treat from my side.]

Just then, Arushi's heart sank as she felt her shoe sole give way, a small piece detaching.

"Hey bhagwan!! Ye kya ho gaya!!" she exclaimed, a hint of panic creeping into her voice as she nervously bit her nails. Reyansh, noticing her distress, turned to see her dilemma.

[Oh God! What just happened!]

"Ye to nikal gaya," he observed, his brow furrowing in concern as he assessed the situation.

[ It got detached.]

"Ab mai kya karun!!" Arushi exclaimed, her voice trembling with anxiety.

[What to do now?]

"Accha don't worry baba...Mai fevi quick lekar aata hu kisi shop se.. phir I will do something with it," Reyansh assured her, springing into action as he dashed towards a nearby stationary shop. He returned swiftly with five packets of fevi quick, ready to tackle the repair.

[Let me buy fevi quick from any shop.]

"Udhar baitho," he instructed, gesturing towards a bench by the roadside. Arushi complied, preparing to take the fevi quick from him, but her confusion only deepened when Reyansh knelt down before her, taking her shoe in hand.

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